Your first visit to an adult super store

You’re bored. The pilot light of love is not completely extinguished in your relationship, but the predictable sexual rut into which you have fallen means there isn’t much rutting to be found in your bedroom at all.

A quick and simple remedy to overcome the bedroom blues is a visit to an adult super store. Do not get discouraged if this is rejected out of hand the first time it is mentioned. A lot of people like to think they wouldn’t be seen dead in an adult sex store. But persistence will pay off if you say it wouldn’t hurt just to take a look.

First visit a bricks and mortar adult super store

The first time you start to investigate the now extremely elaborate and sophisticated world of adult sex toys, it’s going to come as a shock, a rude awakening that a new sexual revolution has washed under your feet without you even noticing.

Sex toys are big business today and there is more choice out there than for any other type of lifestyle accessory. The first time you explore a sex store you are better off visiting a bricks and mortar erotic toy store rather than poring through internet sites to find something that might turn both of you on.

It may be a good idea to buy the sex toys online, because they are likely to be cheaper, but before you get to the point of purchase you need to explore, look, feel and start to enjoy the endless possibilities.

There are plenty of toys for couples to enjoy which can bring some naughty fun back into a floundering limp-as-a-rag sexual relationship.

Most adult sex shops carry a wide range of naughty novelties. You could start with something really simple like a pair of vibrating panties. Vibrating panties? The woman dons the panties and the guy gets a remote control he can press at will. When he does so it sets off a powerful clitoral vibrator built into the panties so that, when she least expects it, she starts to get powerfully aroused. This could be during Sunday lunch with the in-laws or even doing the supermarket shopping. The results can be very exciting.

Other fun ways to get the sparks flying once again are the simple things. Adult super stores have plenty of ideas like scented candles, massage oils, perhaps some Gun Oil to lubricate the parts and make everything much more entertaining.

You could even get creative with edible undies, chocolate body sauce or maybe some body paint, that taste delicious. It’s a totally new way to ‘eat’ your partner.

Your first visit is bound to create feelings of awkwardness and embarrassment but undeniably you will start to see the fun of exploring the possibilities Fortunately more couples and women are losing their feelings of shame and guilt and are willing to be more adventurous. And on the second visit the two of you can start to become more adventurous.