Working with Realistic Womens Sex Toys

Realistic Vibrating Womens Sex Toys

Girls, let’s talk about womens sex toys that are based on the real thing. While you might love your rabbit, and you may even have one of the orgasm accelerators, nothing beats having a real piece of meat lodged deep between your legs. Sadly, few of the toys available for us can realistically simulate the size, girth, and feel of a nice, meaty boner. So what is a girl to do if she wants a real penis but she just can’t find a guy worth giving it to her?

I really like to use some of the toys provided by the Ladygasm company. I am actually a big fan and own all three of their realistic dildos. They have three different models and they each provide a different type of experience. The Alex is the smallest model, coming in at 6.5” long and five around. The Brian is the big bad boy on the block, coming in at a whopping eight inches and being five and a half inches around. There is also the flex, which is the only one of the female sex toys I own that has a flexible spine so you can position that big thick rod however you want.

When I got the first of my realistic sex toys for women, the Alex, I was kind of impressed. It really feels as though you are holding a real schlong in your hand. It even comes with a pair of balls. Now, they aren’t hairy and they don’t hang the same way a real sack of nuts would, but if you want to get that realistic you might as well just go talk to the mail man. This is the next best thing when it comes to realism.

I ordered the Brian because I was really happy with Alex, but I wanted something a bit bigger to fulfill my fantasies. When I got it I was shocked! I had never seen a six inch dick next to an eight incher before, so when I lined the two up I was startled at how noticeable the difference was. I also understand that they used a cutting edge molding technique on a really hot guy when they made each of these toys, and that the Brian comes from someone famous that we might recognize! They won’t release that information though, so it could all be speculation on my part. Who knows!

So, what about the Flex? Well let me tell you, of all the female masturbation toys I own, I turn to this one again and again. The reason I love it so much is simple! There is a flexible spine running through this thing that is barely noticeable when you touch it, and when you use it it’s as though it’s not even there. You can shape this thing to your heart’s content! I like to go back and forth, shaping it so that one time it leans to the left, and another it leans to the right. I even shaped it so that it was bent in the middle a bit so that it could hit my g spot during doggy style sex! Don’t you just love when guys are shaped like that? I’m not sure if they called this thing the Flex because it can fit any shape you choose or because if it is flexible enough to fulfill all of your fantasies. Either way, you have got to give it a try!

Make sure that you check out their website, where they provide honest reviews from real girls, just like you and me. When you want to get the best womens sex toys, you want to know what the other girls are riding around on before you buy!