Women’s Sex Toys For All

The pursuit of pleasure is something we spend millions of dollars on every year in some form or another, whether it is for good food, good music, vices like tobacco and alcohol, or even for sexual pleasure. Both men and women need outlets for their sexual natures. This is where women’s sex toys come in: alone or together with a partner, sex toys provide fun and fulfillment for one of our most basic needs.

Sex toys for women have been around for ages. There are depictions of dildos in ancient artwork from all over the globe. Although the Dark Ages snuffed out the pursuit of erotic pleasure as sinful, it was thankfully rediscovered. In Victorian society, “medicinal” clitoral stimulation was practiced by the brand-new field of psychotherapy as a supposed cure for hysteria—and it probably worked! After being pent-up in a corset and being treated like a porcelain baby-making doll, women needed a good orgasm every now and then, even if it was “medicinal!” The invention of batteries, plastic and the exploration of the female orgasm by medical science brought all kinds of benefits to ladies’ lives.

Female sex toys became popular back in the 1970’s and has become a major economic industry. It’s estimated that in the UK alone 315 million pounds are spent yearly on sex toys, and women’s sex toys make up the bulk of that spending. What are they spending it on?

Women’s Sex Toys for All

Women have the advantage biologically in that we actually have more than one way to climax, but every woman is different. Some women have no idea how to find or stimulate their G-spot, others can only come through clitoral masturbation, and others can orgasm during intercourse without direct clitoral stimulation. Some women just love anal play, and there are things for the back door, too. So, sex toys for women have many different applications. They help us to explore our bodies and understand what feels good, what feels better, and what feels best of all.

Additionally, women can enjoy sex toys alone or during sex with a partner, whether female or male. Some girls just need a way to get off and vent some steam every now and then, so a modest little vibrator or dildo would suit them. Others want more complicated fun, so they might enjoy a specially-shaped vibrator that hits both the pussy and the clit. For those who want to bring their partner into it, a strap-on dildo or anal beads can work for girl-on-girl action—or even with a willing and open-minded male partner! Some vibrators can be strapped on so the device sits between the partners, offering stimulation to both. It’s something for everyone!

Finding the right sex toy is something like going to a buffet. Sex shops are full of so much fun stuff that it can be hard to choose. Take a friend or lover with you and try out new things. It doesn’t even have to be a device or a penetrative object. Experiment with sensitizing lotions to enhance your pleasure. Try out feathers, tassels, and flavored lubes. Give bondage and S&M a try with a little whip, crop or handcuffs. Paint each other with edible body paint or liquid latex. The sky is the limit.

It’s all about pleasure. Life has enough pain—try to get all the pleasure out of it that you can. Female masturbation toys allow girls to have fun, however and whenever they want it.