Determining the line between safe and unsafe with the women sex toys

According to business reports, the tendency of firms to invest large in the profitable area of female sex toys has compelled them to do so, big time. Today, males’ sex toys are being completely dominated by the female ones. Reasons are few but not certain- possibly the most striking one being the social bothers caused to women. Coming back to the topic, are they safe?

Well, to a certain limit, yes- female masturbation toys are safe by all means. But remember, to a “certain’ extent. That is what the experts believe, highly qualified medical experts with the likes of medical professors of Howard and Cambridge University. There are two ways in which the sex toys may affect the women adversely. Let us consider both of them, one by one.

• Direct effects of sex toys for women on the sexual health of a female:

The careless and sloppy use of them can in effect cause dire health concerns. Infections are on the top of the list. According to a research, dirty and contaminated sex toys can consequently cause infections either in the outer regions of vagina, or even the inside of the cervix and the uterus. Why so? As hinted above, they may be unclean, over-used and thus may carry harmful bacteria and germs. Secondly, they may be inserted too deep as a result of carelessness and “euphoria” kind of feelings due to achieved orgasm. Vibrators, dildos and other forms of women sex toys are considered critical with this regard.

How to prevent it? These adult toys may be fun to use, but treat them with caution. Clean them as often as you can. Also try to get them “boiled” every once a while to clear off all the harmful bacteria. Using clean and proper sex toys will be even more fun to play with. Try it out.

Use lubricants. There are multifarious kinds of lubricants available in the market today. These are specially meant to reduce friction and prevent the high probability of being affected by a serious infection. Apply the lubricant on the vagina before you use any of the women sex toys. Furthermore, read out the necessary precautions and guidelines listed on the pamphlet you got with the toy or the lubricant.

• Psychological effects on the female using women sex toys.

These may not seem to be as alarming as much as the afore-mentioned ones, but they are indeed. Over-reliance on masturbation and girls sex toys may lead you away from the intercourse itself. There has been cases where the partner seems rather unsatisfied with the use of sex toys by the women although the partner is ever-present, thus leading to misunderstandings. Moreover, some people believe that “having sex with materials/ toys” adversely affects your sexual life. It may also reduce your urge to have an orgasm and hence contribute towards the overall sterility.