Why the anal sex toy has come of age

The years have rolled on since the mention of anal sex and anal sex toys caused the older generation to drop their coffee and choke on their cookies. The taboo has almost gone, and both sexes have really learnt to enjoy the thrill of anal sex and the thrill of anal masturbation.

The masturbation techniques for the anus are as numerous as they for the vagina, and a huge variety of toys for anal fun are just a mouse click or two away. Online sites have made the whole process of buying anal toys less embarrassing to buy, and now people are so more open about their anal toy choices.

Which anal sex toy to choose?

A lot of the anal orgasm toys range are still shaped like the penis, and one such product is the Manhandler which is a pink colored long thin cock with a great grip handle at the base. This product allows you to go deep again and again bring yourself to a real anal orgasm. Another similar product that has a black cock is Holt, and really looks like the real thing.

However in the world of the anal sex toy there is such a thing as too big or too much of a good thing, so perhaps it may be better to start with something like a Booty Bumper which is a packet of three dildos/butt plug of various sizes. They also come in different colors, so when in a hurry you can pick up the right one and insert. As there are three you can chose to insert one in the vagina, and of course the anal sex toy can be used at the same time. Both holes fully plugged to bring you quickly to a state of extreme pleasure.

There is also Tush Trainers Intermediate Anal Plug: this is a well built sex toy with barely audible vibrations. It comes with a multi-speed controller which simulates anal sex. Measuring 3.5 inches long this jelly anal plug comes complete with a suction cup base.

Glass Vibrations Beginner's Butt Plug

Another great beginner’s butt plug is this sleek and shiny butt plug is perfect for beginners. With a girth ranging from 2.5 to 4 inches at it's widest point, this perfectly formed sex toy is great for those looking to experiment with anal play and are just beginning to discover the joys of anal sex.

Any dildo and anal insertion device must be used with lubrication. DO NOT use without. Also be aware that not all lubricants are suitable for the anal products, so please check before using. Remember the anus does not give out it's own juices, so lubrication is so essential.


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