Why Go to An Adult Sex Shop?

When was the last time you experimented in bed with your partner? Well, besides trying to figure out if you could both watch Letterman at the same time during sex? Probably too long ago to think about, and that’s just sad. If you’re not in a relationship, when was the last time you took masturbation more seriously than just a quick yank or rub in the shower to ease some tension? Sex is supposed to be fun and creative; it’s the ultimate “creative” act, if you want to be literal about it. So, before you atrophy from sexual boredom, why don’t you get up off the couch and go down to your local adult sex shop (or search online), and add some spice to your life?

Why Buy Toys at an Adult Sex Shop?

Dildos and vibrators and butt plugs, oh my! It’s a veritable Yellow Brick Road of pleasure aids in an adult toy store. Even the smaller ones have rows and rows of fun things for every sexual persuasion and level of kink and fantasy. Consider this the Toys’R Us of big kids—why should kids be the only ones who get to play?

An erotic toy store will feature the latest sex toys for men and women. For the ladies, the big sellers are vibrators. Regardless of whether she likes it just on her clit or also up inside, there is a vibrator or ten out there for her. Vibrators are great for both sexes, though, and for partners to use as a couples sex aid. The vibrations help intensify and improve the frequency of your orgasms, giving you pleasure you never even knew you could achieve.

Vibrators come in all shapes and sizes. A basic vibrator, which any sex store will carry in spades, is greatly satisfying for any lady, and they are inexpensive. For more advanced masturbation, a butterfly, rabbit, or other unique vibrator is perfect. Some can be slipped into her panties or between partners’ bodies during intercourse. Some have extra probes for penetrating and stimulating her vagina and ass, stimulating the g-spot and revving up masturbation or sex with a partner.

It’s not all about the women, though: male masturbators are the latest rage in adult sex shop purchases. Some look like innocuous flashlights or even race cars, but they are actually powerful little tools that bring the bliss of a blowjob or handjob home, without the fuss and hassle of a partner. Some are even hands-free, allowing the guy to lie back and enjoy the sensations completely and without complications. Other male sex toys are prostate stimulators and massagers, which are great for open minded guys. By inserting these nifty gadgets up the rear entry, a man can achieve a deeper, stronger, and longer orgasm like he has never experienced before.

Besides buzzy toys, an adult superstore will have a wide array of lubricants, sexy videos and other media, fun costumes and accessories for role playing, and many even cater to kinkier sex hobbies like BDSM. Let your senses and your libido run wild, the adult sex shop has everything you’ll ever need, want, or even dream of to intensify your sex life.