Why Do Guys Love Rabbit Vibrators?

What does owning rabbit vibrators say about you to a man?

When you own rabbit vibrators you are sending a very clear message to any man who knows this. You are telling him that you know exactly what you want in the bedroom and that you aren’t afraid to go after it. While some guys like a shy and submissive woman, there is no doubt that all of them love to know that their woman is in control in the bedroom. When you can tell him exactly where to put his hands, lips, tongue and dick you can be sure that he is going to do his best to please you. When he sees that you own vibrating sex toys, he is going to know that you are this type of girl.

Bringing a rabbit into the bedroom can also help to spice up a sex life that is getting stale. Many married women have found that purchasing a rabbit and bringing it into the bedroom spices things up for him and herself. When you bring this toy into your sex life you are opening yourself up to a world of exploration. Let him use it on you while the two of you kiss or use it on yourself while he runs his hands gently all over your body. Have him give your breasts a massage with his tongue while your orgasm. You can even use the toy and let him masturbate while watching you.

If you aren’t in a relationship, clit stimulators can do a lot for you, too. You don’t have to worry about spending all of your time trying to get off. The rabbit was designed to get you off in the most intense way as quickly as possible. A lot of women are able to climax with the use of a rabbit in under five minutes. It seems that this is the sex toy that we have been waiting for. Of course, there are women out there who are afraid to be sexually liberated, and for them, the rabbit isn’t the right toy. But for the rest of us there is nothing quite as perfect.

Think about the first time you heard of this toy. Did you see rabbit vibrators in a magazine or mentioned on a television show? What did you think about them? Do you own one now, or are you thinking about buying your first one? Chances are you didn’t know what to expect the first time you used yours. If you don’t own one yet, you have no idea what kind of special treat you are in for. After I bought my first I decided that I would never have to use any of my other toys again (although I do still use and own a hitachi magic wand).

The only downfall to these toys is that there are so many of them out there. It can be really difficult to figure out exactly which one you want to buy. Sadly, most of them are pretty much the same and there is nothing different from one model to the next, other than their price. This isn’t the case when you are shopping on ladygasm.com. You can find two very different models. The plus has a head that rotates and wiggles, and the pump has a shaft that goes up and down, simulation intercourse once you have it inside.

Make sure you take the time to look at the other toys that are available. It never hurts to have something extra on hand. For me, though, the ultimate combination is one hitachi wand and two clit vibrators so that I can get off at any time no matter how much of a rush I am in!