The Rabbit is a dual simulation sex toy for the vagina and clitoris which drives most women wild. It not only has a shaft for g-spot stimulation, but also a second arm - usually shaped like ticklish little bunny ears - for clitoral stimulation. The Rabbit vibrator has different speeds and 12 different thrust patterns which can be changed at just the flick of button on the multi-speed controller.

Why women love the Rabbit vibrator

Women love this vibrating sex toy because many of the models are waterproof and can therefore add a whole extra dimension of fun in the bath or shower.

The clit stimulator came to fame almost overnight when it was featured on the TV comedy show Sex and the City nearly ten years ago. This one single episode did more for sales of the Rabbit vibrator than any other form of promotion.

But the Rabbit would have faded from popularity and demand long ago if it was not simply one of the best and fast ways for women to achieve mind-blowing climaxes. The ability of these sex toys for women to provide not only good g-spot stimulation, but also simultaneous clitoral stimulation is what makes it such a winner. Hardly surprisingly many women love their clit vibrator for solo sex sessions and also with their partner.

The original Rabbit was pink, but it now comes in a huge variety of colors and designs from numerous different sex toy manufacturers.

One of the best new options that are available for the Rabbit is known as the Rabbit pearl. It features rotating beads inside the shaft. These beads are there to give extra stimulation at the point of entry, teasing and titillating the labial lips where there is a large concentration of nerve endings.

This vibrating sex toy also comes with a multi speed controller for fingertip control of the vibration mode and speed.

The clitoral stimulator are made to look like rabbit ears – hence the name Rabbit vibrator, although nowadays there are several more cute animals whose ears or general shape has been incorporated into sex toys for women. The line up of pussy toys now includes Penguins, Koalas, Butterflies, Pussy cats, even Dolphins.

The bunny ears work independently to thrill and tease the clitoris. The whirring rabbit ears produce a gentle and highly stimulating flutter effect on the clitoris which some women prefer to straightforward clitoral stimulation.

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