What to Know Before You Buy Dildos

What do you need to know when you purchase dildos? Quite a bit, actually. Dildos are the oldest known type of sex toy, and they are used by every gender and sexual preference persuasion that presents itself in humanity. They come in all kinds of colors, shapes, sizes and other attributes. Since there is so much to know about them, here is a crash course on how to choose and buy dildos.

What do I Need to Know to Buy Dildos?

Dildos are some of the simplest kinds of sex toys. They are basically shaped like an erect male penis, and things just evolve from there. Ancient humans of many cultures have been documented as having used dildos in their religious ceremonies as part of sexual rites, and it can be implied that it didn’t just end at the altar. You will see penises all over images from ancient human culture, even in the Circus Maximus in Rome, where the race laps were counted off by knocking over carved penises.

Now, you can buy realistic penis at any sex shop, whether brick and mortar or online. They are some of the most basic sex toys, although some are motorized and can be classified as vibrating dildos.

You can buy dildos to use in pretty much every aspect of sex, whether by yourself or with a partner. You will see in porn how everyone gets involved with dildos: straight girls and straight guys play with them together or separately, as do lesbians and gay males. A straight woman can use a dildo during masturbation to penetrate herself vaginally or anally, or stimulate her clit simply by rubbing it. Males can do the same thing, although the preferred method of male masturbation with a dildo involves pressing firmly into the perineum, to stimulate the prostate gland.

One thing to pay attention to when purchasing a fake penis is the material. Always choose a non-porous material like silicone or Cyber Skin if you like softer and more natural dildos, or hard plastic, glass or metal if you like them hard and smooth. A porous material like rubber of any kind can be dangerous for three reasons: the material can absorb bacteria and foreign substances, they are hard to clean, and they might be contaminated with dangerous chemicals called phthalates. Phthalates are used to soften rubber and plastic used in sex toys, and although they are potentially carcinogenic and cause other medical problems, sex toys made in the Far East are unregulated. So only buy dildos that are documented as phthalate-free.

Another consideration is the size and texture or the realistic cock. If you are wanting a dildo for masturbation purposes, ask yourself how big you need to achieve the right amount of pleasure. Some people enjoy a longer or thicker dildo, while others don’t want a large one, because it might not be used to penetrate. Texture is important because any irregularities in the surface of the dildo will cause a reaction: pleasure if the texture is pleasantly bumpy or ridged, but if the texture is rough or too irregular it can be unpleasant. Always choose a dildo made in one piece when possible, to avoid annoying and irritating seams.