What to Expect at An Adult Super Store

Are you in the market for a goo sex toy—or two or more? Look no further than your friendly neighborhood adult toy store. An adult super store is an emporium devoted to fun, and to have fun, you need some toys. Whether online or a physical location, there is no better place to find everything you want, need or ever considered for making sex more enjoyable. And you will find some things you never even imagined, too.

What to Expect in an Adult Super Store

An adult super store specializes in stuff related to sex. Solo sex, sex with a partner, gay or straight, kinky or vanilla, it’s there. Every section is devoted to a certain area of the adult industry. Here are some basic product areas.

Pussy Toys. This is almost everyone’s favorite area. Well, for toys, that is. These are for hetero couples, lesbian couples, and for female masturbation. Vibrators are the best-selling sex toys, period. Do you want a bullet vibrator? A rabbit? A Magic Wand? A g-spot vibrator? You will find it at a sex shop. The best-selling female toys are basic vibrators (vaguely phallic shaped) and rabbit vibrators. Basic vibes can come in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures, with or without variable-speed vibration, and ladies can use them to penetrate themselves vaginally as well as diddle their clits with them. Rabbit vibrators are relative newcomers to the female sex toy industry, but they’re undeniably popular, with their ability to stimulate the clit and/or g-spot with their delightfully wiggly little “ears.” The newest pussy-pleasing toys are oral sex simulators, which are gaining popularity—after all, what healthy girl wouldn’t want a sex toy that gives oral pleasure for their “me time?” Make sure you pick up some batteries and lube, in the accessories section.

Dick Toys. Not just toys shaped like dicks (dildos), they are used by gay male couples, hetero sex between more “daring” partners, and male masturbation. Dildos are the biggest sellers of this type at most erotic toy store locations are dildos (for anal or vaginal penetration).They are usually non-vibrating, and feature a flared base for ease of storage as well as a safety measure keeping the device from getting “lost” internally. They can be realistic in texture, shape and color, or they can be completely non-natural—bright colors, unusual textures, and of oh-my-god-what-is-that proportions. Some can be strapped on for adding spice to a hetero, lesbian or gay sexual encounter, and some are double ended, meaning that a couple can literally “back on up” to each other and enjoy the feeling of mutual penetration, the friction and movement of their partner adding to their own pleasure. Again, don’t forget the lube.

Male Masturbators. These nifty little gadgets are the newest kinds of sex toys. No more socks or weird blow-up dolls, guys! Male masturbation toys are all the rage, running the gamut from the Fleshlight to the ultra-modern Cobra Libre. Experience hand-free masturbation and even the sensation of a blowjob from a device. No hassle, easy clean up, and no guilt.

Anal Toys. Although it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, anal play is a big part of many peoples’ sex lives, solo or partnered. You don’t have to be a gay man to love something up your butt anymore. Modern, enlightened men and women know that the back door is exquisitely sensitive and can be welcomed into the bedroom without shame. Butt plugs, anal probes and vibrators, prostate massagers, beads, and more can be found in greater variety in size, shape, texture and purpose at an adult toy store. Always make sure you buy the right lube for anal toys, and use plenty of it to ensure maximum enjoyment.