What to Expect at an Adult Sex Shop

When you walk into an adult sex shop, what do you expect to see? A bunch of mannequins in bondage gear or piles of butt plugs? Well, some might have these kinds of displays, but you would honestly be surprised at some sex stores. They are beautifully designed, clean and located in respectable neighborhoods, and their selection of all kinds of “toys for big girls and boys” is amazing.

What to Expect from an Adult Sex Shop

An adult superstore is like a playground for the erotically inclined. Everywhere you look there is something to stick somewhere, designed strictly with the intention of making you feel good. It’s liberating to know that you don’t have to confine yourself to “plain vanilla” sex, and that you can learn more about yourself and your partner through the judicious usage of sex toys and accessories.

The new sex toy shop is often a huge superstore, housed in a warehouse-sized space and containing everything you could ever have dreamed of for any kind of sex imaginable, all in bulk. These places have thousands of DVDs and often have rental services, peep-show booths, and row after row of various vibrators, dildos, butt plugs and other items. One big seller are pussies, asses and dicks modeled after an actual porn star, so you can have sex with the boy or girl of your dreams, in your alone fantasy time. Other major sellers are vibrators, which can be used by either sex in masturbation or during partner encounters. Adding a vibrator to couple sex, whether through a vibrating strap on, a cock ring with a bullet vibe to double the pleasure for both partners, or a cute little butterfly-shaped vibe nestled between your pelvises, adds an extra level of “oomph.”

Other adult sex store are smaller, and have more intimate (literally!) locales. Many of them are tucked into residential neighborhoods or upscale suburban shopping centers, and they have a sleek, modern or romantic design that helps defray the “naughty” image. Many small sex shop locations are owned and operated by female-only staffs, and they cater mainly toward women and couples. This is very important, because buying statistics show that more than 60% of sex toys are actually bought by women! Women buy more vibrators, dildos, lube and sex props than men do, by and large; men spend more of their money on videos and other lower-cost items, which aren’t lumped into the sales category with sex toys by the adult industry. So, an adult sex shop that is decorated nicely and conveys a relaxing and friendly atmosphere to female buyers will find itself selling well. A lot of smaller adult sex shop locations carry large selections of items that women buy, such as massage oils, flavored or warming or pleasure-enhancing lubricants, and candles and massage tools.

Regardless of your relationship status or sexual preference, an adult sex store is a place designed to help satisfy your needs and desires. Don’t be afraid, either walk in or click in, and let your imagination be your guide!