What is so special about the hitachi wand?

Chances are good that you have heard of the hitachi magic wand before. This toy has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years, and more and more women are purchasing them. They are great for clitoral stimulation, and with all of the different attachments available you can also stimulate your g-spot. There are even attachments designed with the stimulation of men in mind, so you can share your experience with this toy with the special guy in your life. But there is something tremendously amazing about this toy that few other vibrators can claim.

You can use your Hitachi massager without any lubrication at all. The tip of the toy is a large ball about the same size as a tennis ball. It is covered in a soft rubber or silicone material. You press the ball firmly against your clitoris and it vibrates, providing the stimulation. Since there is absolutely no insertion and the tip is soft you can use it without any lubrication at all. This will help to keep your expenses down, especially when you consider the fact that lubricants can be very costly.

One of the other things about the hitachi wand that people love so much are the previously mentioned attachments. If you are in the mood for g-spot stimulation an inexpensive attachment can take care of that for you. The attachments that are designed to stimulate men tend to have an orifice on the tip of the attachment, allowing a guy to put it around his penis and experience vibrations during simulated intercourse. There are so many attachments that it would be impossible to describe all of them, but once you buy your surprise turbo personal massager by Hitachi from ladygasm.com you can hop on the web and look for a few of them.

It is absolutely essential that you understand that this toy is not for those of you who are extremely sensitive. The vibrations are very intense, and some women report that they can’t handle all of the intensity. You can easily train your body to get used to this, though, and despite the rumors this will not make it more difficult for you to climax during regular intercourse. Instead, it will train your body to be ready for the full force of passionate foreplay. Think about what happens during normal intercourse. It is unnatural for your partner to maintain a light pressure during the whole experience. If your body was used to a more intense pleasure, this would allow him to forget about focusing on light pressure and instead let his passion run wild.

When you own one of these toys you will be able to have a lot of fun. It is very common for most women to essentially forget about the other toys they own because the hitachi provides so much pleasure. All you have to do is lay back, plug it in, turn it on, and then you will get off. If you are really looking for one of the most amazing experiences you could ask for, then this is the toy to own. Thankfully, it is inexpensive.

Some people complain about the toy since it isn’t as “flexible” as they would like. There is no sense comparing this vibrator to any other, though. Even if you decide to do that, you will find that there are attachments that make this vibrator do anything that any other vibrator can do. There is even an attachment that turns your hitachi into a rabbit vibrator.

If you are looking for a hitachi wand then check them out on ladygasm.com, where you can purchase the Surprise Turbo, which is a real treat to use.