What Are the Best Vibrators?

Women can get a lot more enjoyment out of both masturbation and sex with a partner by investing in one (or more!) vibrators. These useful little sex toys can bring greater enjoyment of sex of every kind. What are some of the top selling vibrators available now?

What are the Best Vibrators for You?

Vibrators are awesome. They can come in a myriad of styles, shapes, sizes, colors, textures and more. They can be used by yourself or in tandem with your partner. They increase your pleasure and intensity of your orgasm. What’s not to love? There are so many vibrators out there that many women ask, what are the best vibrators out there, and why are they special?

The best vibrators for women, the ones that sell the most, are the ones that are used on your clitoris. You have had plenty of experience with your clit by now, although probably only with your hand, or maybe the washing machine or Jacuzzi jets. A vibrator is ten times better, as it lets you adjust the intensity and angle with which you lavish attention on your pleasure center. Choose a clitoral stimulation vibrator that is easy to hold, easy to use, and is of a pleasant texture and shape.

Egg-shaped and bullet vibes are the recommended vibrators for girls who want to get off by themselves. These sleek vibrators will bring you to a climax in a matter of moments if you like, but most of them now have variable speed settings, so you can learn which one tickles your fancy the most. Some are even waterproof and can be used in the tub or shower, with or without a partner.

The best vibrators for ladies who love penetration are those with a more “traditional” shape. Choose one with the girth and material and texture that you prefer. Some have realistic “skin” while others are made of jelly rubber or even metal, both of which have their own particular pleasures. Some penetrating vibrators even have g-spot stimulators or anal probes to deliver extra-special pleasure to these extra-special places. The best-selling vibrators are rabbit vibes, which allow you to pleasure yourself with penetration while the clit-stimulating attachment works separately, driving you to new heights of pleasure.

For those girls who want back-door stimulation, a vibrating butt-plug or anal probe can amplify the taboo experience to one which is simply blissful. Some are smooth and narrow, while others have undulating waves or graduating bulges that give a textured quality to the rectal penetration that many women love. Anal vibes are the best anal vibrators for women who enjoy a sensation of fullness during masturbation or even intercourse in certain positions with their partners.

The best vibrators should be well-made: check the packaging and ensure that they are phthalate-free, since this chemical is sometimes used in inexpensive jelly rubber vibrators. Phthalates have been demonstrated to cause illness in some people. Also, keep your vibrator clean by using an appropriate cleanser and never use the wrong kind of lube, or else you risk damaging the material. And that would be a shame.