What are Sex Toys for Girls All About?

It has been said that variety is the spice of life, and this is very true, especially when it comes to sex! There are now literally thousands of products out there to increase and intensify your erotic pleasure. Sex toys for girls are all the rage and can be found in stores, online, through catalogs, and even at sales get-togethers reminiscent of your grandmothers’ Tupperware parties! Girls sex toys are fun and come in so many varieties, you’ll never tire of trying out new ways to give yourself orgasm after orgasm.

Some Sex Toys for Girls

Vibrators are the most popular sex toys for girls, and few women don’t own at least one. They come in a range of shapes, styles, colors, textures, and sizes. There are mini-vibes for discreet self-pleasuring, egg and rabbit vibrators for exquisite clit massage, penetrating vibrators that can encourage a G-spot and clitoral orgasm, and even vibrating panties! It isn’t just about masturbation, though. Vibrating sex toys for women can be used with partners, too. Mutual masturbation is a great way to use them, or they can enhance intercourse for those ladies who have difficulty achieving orgasm through intercourse alone. There are battery-powered ones, as well as more powerful “personal massagers” that can be plugged into the wall. Simply put, vibrators are the mainstay of female erotic toys, and that reputation is well earned.

Dildos are the oldest sex toys for girls and boys—they’ve been around for thousands of years, they even appear in cave paintings and ancient frescoes and pottery. Whether it’s shaped like a dick, is pleasantly smooth and modern, or is covered in spasm-inducing bumps and ridges, a dildo is hard to beat for the fullness, friction and enjoyment of being penetrated. Play with yourself or with a lover; there are strap-on dildos, and double-ended dildos that can really enhance lesbian and gay male sex.

Not all female sex toys cater to the pussy—some head right for the back door! Anal play is really popular with a lot of women, and it can be explored safely and at your own pace by using special anal sex toys for women. Butt plugs, probes, anal vibrators, beads and balls are all examples of ways to stimulate the sensitive tissues of this “taboo” body part. Make sure that if you buy womens sex toys for anal you include some water-based lube, since this makes things go so much smoother!

There are lots of “tit” men, but what about the women? So many ladies love to have their nipples pinched, tweaked, and pulled on that nipple play devices are girls sex toys that are really starting to catch on. Clamps, suction cups, vibrating attachments and even electro-stimulators for the nipples are available for experimentation and expansion of your sexual horizons.

One of the newest and most innovative female sex toys are “love machines.” These devices are larger, usually flat-bottomed, apparatus that feature a seat or saddle that can be equipped with all kinds of special stimulators. Some let you ride them like a bucking bronco while filling your pussy and/or ass with a vibrating dildo or stimulator, all while massaging your clitoris at the same time. Others use a pumping piston action to “fuck” you mechanically—no hands required! Sex machines like the Sybian and the Fucking Machine are expensive, but their owners say they’re worth it!

However you want them, there are womens sex toys for every manner of giving and receiving sexual pleasure. Pick up a few different things and experiment. Enjoy yourself and take your “O” game to new heights.