What Are Realistic Dildos Like?

With today’s advances in construction materials and techniques, the quality and realism of realistic dildos is improving by leaps and bounds. Some may even wonder how long it will be before a person does not even need a partner for sex anymore. While I do not believe a realistic dildo could ever replace an actual sex partner, unless someone develops a light bulb replacing feature and a spider killing attachment at least, they definitely serve a purpose and deserve a place in every sex toy collection.

What are Realistic Dildos Like?

Realistic dildos are made to be, well, realistic. With that in mind, they mimic penises by coming in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Some are even molded from actual male models, most often porn stars. Sizes of fake penises can range greatly, with some as small as a few inches long up to practical joke proportions that would send most women running away screaming into the night. They also come in every conceivable skin tone, and many are available with details such as veins and variations in coloring painted on. Do a little research to find one that is the size you want and, if it is important, aesthetically pleasing.

Most high quality rubber cocks on the market today are made of mixtures of silicone and pvc plastic. The exact compositions of these materials are closely guarded industry secrets, and are marketed under several brand names such as UR3.0 and Cyberskin, but they all share some common traits. The basic construction of these female penetration toys is a firm silicone core surrounded by a softer outer layer that gives the toy a feeling very similar to an actual erect cock, which has skin soft to the touch while being firm internally for insertion.

Consumer reasons for purchasing realistic dildos vary as much as the products themselves. Some people purchase these sex toys for exploration outside their actual sex life; examples might be a woman who wants to experience a larger (or smaller) cock size than her partner can offer, or who has a fantasy about sex with a different colored cock. Another common group that purchases a fake cock is heterosexual men who wish to explore bisexual or gay urges but are committed to a female partner or just unready to find a male companion. The list of reasons for buying a realistic dildo can be as long as, well, a realistic dildo.

The first tip for purchasing rubber cocks is check what it is made of. The first thing to look for is that the construction material is phthalate free. Dildos in general, and fake penises specifically, are designed for penetration of body cavities. Phthalate chemicals can react to various lubricating mediums, including the vagina’s natural lubrication, and leach out of the original material, entering the dildo user’s body. Many studies demonstrate links between phthalate exposure and a variety of long term health problems, so avoid these at all costs.