Want to know where to get realistic dildos?

When it comes to realistic dildos, there is only one shop I trust

Over the years, I have owned about a dozen realistic dildos. To say it borders on an obsession would be a bit of an understatement. I like to have as much variety in my sex life as possible, but I don’t want to risk getting an STD. So, a few years back I bought my first ultra realistic toy, and I haven’t looked back. I do have a boyfriend, too, and we love to have sex. But there is just something extra fun, for me, about having a realistic toy that I can use to get myself off.

The first of the ultra penis replicas that I ever bought was the Ladygasm Alex. This toy is molded from a real guy and put together with a material that just feels fantastic. One of the coolest features, though, is the built in vibrator. After I owned this toy for a few weeks I decided that I wanted to buy more. I wanted to mix things up, so I started shopping at other online adult super stores, and I was pleased with most of what I bought. But I realized that I had developed a preference for the ladygasm Alex. It just seemed that I would go back to it more than any other toy I owned.

After a few months I decided that I would purchase another one of their fake penises. This one was named the Brian, and apparently it was molded from a guy with an eight inch long dick. It is five and a half inches around, too, so it definitely challenges my petite frame. I like to use it and see just how far I can go with it. After a few minutes I am able to make the whole thing disappear inside of me, and with a little bit of lube I am able to work myself into a tremendous orgasm after about ten minutes.

Both of these toys feel very real. That is the whole purpose of owning realistic dildos, after all. I was very happy with them, but I was curious about the third option from Ladygasm, the Flex. This toy is advertised as having a flexible spine running through the length of it, and you can position it to have different types of experiences. I ordered it, although I was skeptical about how great the flexibility would be. When I got it, I was actually very surprised, because it worked better than I thought it could.

I took some time playing with it, and after a while I realized that the best part of this toy is that you can mold it so that it hits your g-spot. Now, sometimes I like to have my boyfriend use these toys on me. It is like a dream come true using the flex with a downward curve. My boyfriend works me when I am in the doggy style position and it hits my g-spot. The orgasms are very intense, and I use the toy all the time. I have such a great time with it, and I wish I had bought it sooner.

If you want to have a lot of fun with these toys, then all you have to do is go over to ladygasm.com and place an order. Don’t worry! The shipping is inexpensive, and the packaging is totally discreet. Of course, they have a bunch of other toys you can check out, too, if you aren’t interested in rubber cocks, and the pricing is probably better than just about anything I have ever found on the web.