What is it like at a brick and mortar adult sex shop compared to an online store?

The first time I ever visited an adult toy store, I was taken by my husband. We had been talking about buying a few new sex toys for quite a while, but we never really made it a priority. This was back in the eighties, so the internet wasn’t even an option, yet. He and I hopped in the car, excited and horny, looking forward to getting out there and finding the perfect toys to take home and play. The reality was far different than anything I experienced, and things haven’t changed in the last thirty years, either.

When you go to a “real world” adult sex shop you will be “greeted” by a bunch of perverts who are there to look at all sorts of filthy porn. Now, I like pornography, so don’t get me wrong. It just seems that the type of people that gather in these shops are some of the horniest dogs you will ever meet. From the moment I walked in, all of their eyes were on me. I was the only female in the shop, and with their behavior, I can understand why.

After a few minutes I was really uncomfortable and decided it was time to leave the erotic toy store. I told my husband that I wanted to go, so we hastily grabbed the first toy that looked acceptable. Can you imagine my horror when I took it to the man at the checkout counter and he opened it up, loaded it with some batteries, and “tested it” by turning it on and holding it against the counter? I don’t know if it was my look of shock or what, be he started laughing and so did everyone else in the store.

Thankfully, you don’t have to deal with that sort of thing anymore. These days, you can just load your web browser and go online to buy toys. The old days of dealing with perverts are long behind us. There are still a few troubles with these sites, though, and finding one that you really like and can rely on is important.

Take ladygasm.com as an example. They seem to be the only shop that gets everything right. Rather than overwhelming you with hundreds of different options, they only provide a few of the best toys in a couple of different categories. For instance, if you want a toy that is ultra realistic, they provide the three best options they could find. And let me tell you, these dildos are about as close to real cocks as you could ever get!

If you want a toy that will stimulate your g-spot, they have a few options there, too. My favorite purchase, though, has to be the Surprise Turbo hitachi magic wand. This thing can take you to new levels of orgasmic bliss. It is a bit intense, but you can work your way into the full experience. Check around the site for a few articles on how to do this, and eventually you will learn to experience continuous, multiple orgasms. I really love it when my husband presses the tennis ball shaped head hard against my clit. The vibrations will really take you to a whole new level.

Of course, there are plenty of stores out there, but I find that ladygasm.com meets all of my needs. I can load the site any time I want, they have great toys, and if I have questions I can email them and get a response quickly. If you want an adult sex shop that will meet your toughest criteria, then this is going to be it.