Choosing the right sex toys for girls based on your skill level

If you don’t already have any girls sex toys, then you might want to spend the time to read this article. Owning a vibrator or a dildo is a rite of passage, and if you don’t have one, you definitely need one. You can’t call yourself a real woman until you have experienced at least two or more types of vibrators or dildos. There are a lot of women that have a whole collection for all different types of experiences. But if you haven’t used one before, how do you know which is the best for you?

In this guide, you will figure out:

• How to pick the first of your female masturbation toys
• Which female sex toys provide the most life-like experience
• Alternatives to the most common sex toys for girls

So, if you don’t really know what you like, how can you figure out what is the best toy for you? Well, start out with a vibrator that has the ability to cycle through different speeds. While you could get a traditional personal massager, that’s probably the same thing that your grandma has, and you definitely want a toy that fits your personality much better. Get something that is more modern and chic.

Samples of toys in this category:

• The Ladygasm Rose Vibrator
• The Vibrating Egg

If you want a really realistic and lifelike experience, there are a number of toys that are based on molds taken from real cocks. Whether it is the first time you will be experiencing a feeling like this, or if you just long to have a real penis deep inside of your vagina, there is really something hot about sticking six to twelve inches of man meat in your pussy. Having one of these toys handy will allow you to stimulate the vaginal canal, but it you will still need to work your clitoris with your hand or another vibrator.

Samples in this category:

• The Ladygasm Alex (Actually vibrates! Two for one special!?)
• The Ladygasm Brian (the big eight incher)

What are some of the less conventional toys for you? Well, if you have already tried the toys listed above, or if you know that you are not the ordinary girl and that you are going to need something special to push you over the edge, there are a number of options that you should consider.

One of the most intense toys is the Hitachi wand. These are not like regular dildos or vibrators. Instead, they have a nice, big, soft vibrating head that can vibrate faster and harder than almost anything else. There are also toys designed to deliver g-spot and clitoral stimulation at the same time.

Samples of toys in this category:

• The ladygasm surprise hitachi turbo wand
• The Ladygasm orgasm accelerator

Of course, what guide on vibrators would be complete without mentioning the rabbit? This toy became very popular after featured on a popular HBO show. There are many different kinds, but you will generally find two different designs. One features a head that wiggles in a circle, and the other features a head that “pumps” while it is inside you.

Examples of toys in this category:

• The Rabbit Vibrator Plus
• The Rabbit Vibrator Pump

Whatever you are interested in, there is a toy that can help you find that type of stimulation. There are even toys specifically designed to be friendly for both vaginal and ass play. Take the time to browse this site and find out about all of the sex toys for girls that are available for quick and easy purchase through discreet retailers!