Using Glass Butt Plugs

About Glass Butt Plugs

Many different types of butt plugs are available these days, and they came in many shapes and sizes and colors, as well as many different materials. With so many options to choose from, it is well worth your time to look a little deeper (bad pun, I know) at some of the choices before spending your hard earned money on a toy. Information is the key to good decision making, after all.

Anal plugs are popular anal sex toys than many men and women enjoy both alone and with partners. These anal sex toys come in many sizes from tiny little things for anal newbies up to ginormous items that I can only imagine are intended to prepare people who hope to one day take Godzilla’s cock up their ass.

Other than size, the primary difference in these anal toys is what they are made of. Butt plugs can be made of latex or silicone based rubbers, hard plastic, ceramics, and even semi-precious stone. Or another popular medium that these ass stretchers are commonly made from is glass, usually Pyrex glass. The glass ones are what we will be looking at.

Like all the various anal pleasure tools, glass ones are designed to be inserted into the anus and held there. The most common reasons for this are anal education, or getting the bung hole used to having something inside it before moving on to other items being in there, or to have the person’s ass filled with a toy during masturbation or more conventional sex. Many users report that having a butt plug in place when they reach orgasm, whether alone or with a partner, experience deeper, more satisfying orgasms as a result.

Whatever your motivation for using this type of anal sex toy, glass butt plugs should be worth at least a moment of consideration as you shop for a toy to fill your needs and your ass.

Anal Toys: Benefits of Glass

One of the main benefits to glass as a material for sex toys is the nature of glass itself. Glass is naturally smooth, so it requires less lubrication to get all slippery and slidey, so in the case of anal penetration toys, the toys go into your tight asshole much easier.

Another benefit to glass is it is nonporous, so bacteria cannot get below the surface and live and grow, so toys made of glass, including anal toys, can be cleaned easily using bleach solution or alcohol. Once sanitized, you can share your toys with others, knowing that they will not experience anything unhealthy, and when you get it back (cleaned by the borrower, hopefully, but give it a good once over yourself just to be sure) neither will you.

Another excellent feature of anal penetration toys made of glass is their ability to hold a temperature. Before inserting a glass butt plug, try soaking it in warm to hot water for some pleasant heat added to your play. Alternatively, if you feel adventurous, soak it in cold water for some unforgettable chills.

However you decide to enjoy one, glass anal plugs are excellent toys for anal exploration, with a naturally low friction and hardness for butt stretching good times.