Using anal sex toys is no longer taboo

Anal Sex Toys – More Common than You Think

Anal sex toys are enjoyable, erotic and incredibly exciting. It was one of the last a sexual taboos, but thanks to the glory that is the internet anal sex is now much more mainstream and acceptable to buy these stimulating and rear pleasuring items. If you are new to this world of anal pleasuring, then now is the time to open up your keys and jump in to the professional adult sex toy sites that have a huge selection for both men and women.

For beginners, take a look at the anal start packs, which have a basic silicone butt plug with the correct lubricants, like Analyse or a similar product, along with a guide on how to best use. Of course it is important to realise the difference between a butt plug and dildo. The dildo is slim all the way, but a butt plug has a thickened end that stops the product going inside the anus all the way. After all this is your digestive track.

A butt plug is a small rubber or silicone toy that is roughly cone-shaped and tapered at the tip for easy insertion, flaring out to provide fullness, with a base which will hold the plug in place against the anus. However some are rippled for more sensation, or shaped like cocks. The variations will also come in thickness and length. It is vital to start off small here, there is no doubt that the thought of a great big plug may sound great, but when you try to get it pass those muscles and fail, this will lead to bitter disappointment and sexual frustration. So start off small, and work your way “up”, and enjoy.

The starter packs have various ranges too, so be prepared to take time to search for the product you think will best suit you in the anal toys brochure. The easy start if you are a little nervous is to look at the simple but stimulating anal beads. These insert and fill the cavity of the anus, they feel GREAT going in. Then you or your partner pull them out while you come, making for a really explosive orgasm. The combination of the natural contractions of the ass when you climax plus the rippling effect of the beads makes for a mind blowing experience, and is simple to repeat again and again.

Ladygasm has anal pleasure toys to fit your needs

A great place to start looking is, this one stop site really concentrates on giving you the choice, but more importantly the information you need to make the right decision. They have selections of small, thin anal toys, numerous shaped beads, and for the expert the anal expert they have an array of monster anal dildos and giant butt plugs.

The initial thought of using toys for anal pleasure may feel a little daunting. The truth is that it is perfectly safe and a great way to bring on that needed orgasm. The use of anal sex toys is NOT a use it alone product range. In fact more and more couples are sharing toys like this in the foreplay before the sexual intercourse. It really is great stimulation for the women and the man because of his prostate gland location.

For the more advanced users, there is a mind-boggling array of products to promote anal stimulation. Ladygasm will take you through all stages, and will be the place to buy trusted and exciting products from now on.