Using a Hitachi Magic Wand in Dominant Relationships

Using the Hitachi Magic wand for intense sexual domination

The first time I ever heard of a Hitachi Vibrator was while I was watching a porn movie with my boyfriend. We like to take turns dominating each other, but I tend to play the submissive role far more often. If you are into this kind of thing, then you will understand how amazing it is feeling like you have fully surrendered and that your man is in complete control of your sexual gratification. One of the things that we like to do is taking turns controlling the experience of the other person. For instance, when I am dominating him I tend to use slow, light strokes to drive him mad and if I sense that he is going to cum I stop completely until he cools off.

Sometimes I will tie him up and then work him until he cums. After that I will continue to play with his dick until it gets hard again and do it all over. It is a lot harder for me to do this to him than it is for him to do the same sort of thing to me, though. The Hitachi Wand has allowed us to take this experience to a whole new level, though. You see, usually he would have to use his mouth or fingers to keep stimulating my clitoris until I orgasm, meaning that it was incredibly difficult for us to find a position in which he could be pleasured by my mouth or hands. But with the Hitachi, it is easier than we ever thought.

What he does is tie a harness around my waist that holds the Hitachi Massager firmly against my clitoris. Then, he will usually tie my arms behind my back and force me to lay on my stomach with my head at the edge of the bed. This process provides a constant, intense vibration to my clitoris without him needing to do anything at all. Then, he can stand at the foot of the bed and use my mouth to pleasure himself. It really is sexy, especially when I am cumming for the third or fourth time.

It can be a lot harder to do something similar to your guy, but it is possible. You might want to tie the harness so that the wand is vibrating against his taint, but you can also position it to continue vibrating against his cock. We have also used the Hitachi magic wand without the rope after he cums in order to get him hard quickly. The vibrations are very intense, and even if your guy normally can’t get it up more than once or twice a day, it is very likely that he will have another erection within a few minutes of rubbing the Hitachi against his shaft.

The Hitachi magic wand has really done a lot for us in terms of our dominant and submissive roles. There is nothing as great as having five or six orgasms in one evening, even if you do end up a little sore the next day. Of course, learning to be less sensitive and not end up sore is half of the fun for me, and probably for you, too.

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