Uses of Sex Toys for Girls

Almost everyone has visited a sex shop, either in person or online, or at least seen a naughty catalog or magazine advertising sex toys for girls. If you’ve been living under a rock for the past twenty years, you might be asking what they’re good for. After all, you say, isn’t that what God made hands for—to masturbate? Well, friend, there is a lot more to girls sex toys than just simple masturbation. Here is a brief guide to female sex toys and their many uses.

Uses of Sex Toys for Girls

The first and most obvious use of female sex toys is for self-pleasure. And oh, how many ways there are to pleasure yourself nowadays. The choice of toys is almost unending. Do you want clit stimulation and vaginal penetration? Easy—get a rabbit vibrator. Do you want both of the above, plus anal stimulation? Done—there are lots of those around. Do you want a pair of vibrating panties to wear out to dinner with your in-laws? No problem, you naughty thing, you! Sex toys for women are all about having fun and feeling good, whenever and wherever you want, however you like. It’s women’s liberation, from the waistline down!

Girls sex toys also make awesome ways for you and your partner(s) to increase the va-va-voom level in your sex lives. Every relationship can use a bit of spice every now and then, regardless of how new or old it is. Kick up the kink in bed by introducing women sex toys. Strap-on vibrators, double-sided dildos, sensory enhancement creams, nipple clamps, bondage aids, anal toys…all of these can bring even more heat to your love life.

Since many women don’t know that much about their bodies, sex toys for women make a wonderful way for them to learn and explore. Have you ever had a vaginal (G-spot) orgasm? Have you never come during intercourse? Have you ever tried anal sex or stimulation, but maybe thought about it? Sex toys for girls are the perfect way to experiment, push boundaries, and explore how you like things done. Whether by yourself or with your partner, learn how to come more often, harder and quicker by trying out new sex toys and techniques.

Female sex toys are the gift that keeps on giving! If you have a bachelorette party to attend, a sex toy is the best gift ever. After all, even when her new husband is all tired out, her battery-powered boyfriend will always be rearing to go! Even if you give them as gag gifts, sex toys for girls are actually useful. They bring pleasure, they make people happy. And that’s better than anything a gravy boat or place setting ever did!

However you use them, women sex toys are fun, healthy and versatile. Every gal should have a bedside table drawer full of them!