Women’s sex toys have been around for thousands of years: ancient Egyptian, Greek, Chinese and Roman artwork depict examples of dildos and other items used for pleasure. Female sexuality was repressed by the Church during the Dark Ages and onward, until the Sexual Revolution of the 1960’s and 1970’s brought back the acceptance of female lust as something normal and healthy. Now, women have so many options at their fingertips (pun intended) for pleasuring themselves that there are whole catalogues, websites and stores devoted to girls sex toys. We’ve come a long way, baby, indeed!

Types of Women’s Sex Toys


Sex toys for women come in all shapes, sizes and specialties. Ladies don’t need to have a partner to enjoy climax after climax. It’s all about choice. Basically, how do you want to come? The most popular kinds of female sex toys are vibrators. These nifty little devices are usually battery-powered and have every configuration imaginable. Going out on the town? Drop a tiny vibrator shaped like a tube of lipstick into your purse and enjoy a stolen moment whenever and wherever you please. Want to stimulate your clit and your G-spot simultaneously? Check out the various vibrators that pinpoint both pleasure spots. Would you like to enhance your pleasure while having sex with your partner? Use a strap-on vibrator that stimulates your sensitive spots and his/hers as well! If you feel funny about getting off to anything except a big, strong cock, choose a vibrating dildo—they even come with real human skin tones, shapes and curvatures.

Another big favorite in the women’s sex toys arena are dildos. Vibrating or not, even lesbians love to pleasure each other with dildos. They can be strapped on or used manually. Some are double-sided, so partners can partake in their individual pleasure in a mutual experience. If you’re a size queen, there’s a dildo for you. Ranging from normal to oh-my-god size, there is a dildo for every lady’s preferences. The sky is the limit in terms of color, size, texture and shape.

Other female masturbation toys that are gaining in popularity all the time are alternative stimulators. Butt-plugs, anal beads, and G-spot stimulators are big sellers. Women love using them alone or with a partner in their desire to expand their sexual horizons beyond the clitoris. Add some variety to your love life with these female sex toys!

The last area of specialty for women’s sex toys is in what can be generally referred to as “sex aids.” These are fun things like feathers, pleasure-enhancing lotions, edible body creams and paint, massagers, whips, handcuffs, games, costumes…There is no end to it. Women are by nature more sexually responsive to the imagination, and these items provide plenty of stimulation to the imagination! Explore the limits of your self-control with bondage and S&M play using fuzzy handcuffs, teasing feathers, whips, liquid latex or clamps. Be creative and spontaneous with naughty adult games, where you can learn about what really turns you on alongside your partner. Elevate your pleasure threshold with stimulating products that might just take you to the land of multiple orgasms.

Girls sex toys are diverse, fun and eminently functional. Every lady should have a drawer-full and not be afraid to use them. Whether used with a partner or alone, sex toys for women can give relaxation, pleasure and liberation to the woman who is smart enough to use them.