Tricks for better orgasms with anal sex toys

Have better orgasms using anal sex toys

It’s amazing how the world of sex has developed over the years. People are trying new things day in day out. From unbelievable positions to even having anal sex. You might have not tried it but you will be surprised that it can be as good as normal sex. The world of anal sex has also been exploited with people even using anal orgasm toys to stimulate themselves. If they are doing it right, then they must be a really happy lot. For those not getting satisfied below are some tricks to help you get orgasms using anal sex toys.

The first thing to do would be to use a douche to clean your anus before you start doing anything else. It is important that you are very clean. Being clean helps you feel comfortable when the anal toys are inserted. You should be warned not to use any enemas as they are only to be used by medical practitioners. Besides the enemas are too invasive for just regular sex

It is also important that you use the correct anal sex toys. If you did not know that there are toys specifically for the anus then it’s time to know. They are usually specially designed. They are designed in a way that they will not stick inside and can be boiled to ensure that they are sterilized.

You also need to use lube every time. The anus does not get naturally wet like the vagina. Thus if not properly lubricated it can lead to serious injuries. You can ask around for the best lube. You can also surf the web to get the best lube in the market.

For real pleasure, you will need to purchase anal pleasure tools that actually feel like the real thing. The real thing in this case means a penis. The cold smooth toys are not that much enjoyable as compared to this others. You should try a toy that is made of silicone and cyber skin. If you can come across real feel toys that can vibrate then that will be much better. Vibration is known to cause unbelievable orgasms in both men and women. Once you try vibrating anal sex toys you will definitely not want to go back.

The last trick would be to try anal beads. These are for those that love experimenting. They are a step from the basics. However, you should be very careful when using the anal beads. If not used properly they will most likely make a tear in you. Leave them for the advanced users. In due time you will try them and you will not believe it.
With the pointers above, you will definitely get orgasms from your toys for anal penetration.