To buy dildos is the easy part

To take the leap and buy dildos for the first time is an exciting adventure into a new world of sexual exploration. But how do you go about selecting the correct one? There are thousands of types of dildos out there, all of which will undoubtedly give the sexual thrill, but is it right and safe for you? There are aspects to consider when you purchase masturbation toys. For example is it safe to use a penetrative sex toy whilst pregnant? If you are not experiencing any problems with your pregnancy it is safe, but if you experience difficulties you should stop using the dildo and cyou should consult with a medical practitioner.

Buy dildos when pregnant

To buy dildos when pregnant and to use them is generally quite safe, although if the material that the dildo is made of is more rigid, you will need to be careful not to penetrate too forcefully. Of course make sure that it is very clean. There is one complication known as placenta previa whereby the placenta grows and can start to covers the cervix opening. Using a sex toy with this condition could traumatize the placenta. And if your water has broken and you insert a sex toy, there's a risk of infection to the baby.

Do not attempt to switch from anal to vaginal sex without disinfecting the dildos first. Using a condom on the dildo during pregnancy is going to really help, so consider that as a temporary measure. After all it is better to be safe than sorry.

If the sex toy is an old one, it is vital that it is totally clean. Infections from bacteria can easily enter the vagina or anus. Have a look at the dildo. One of the first signs that the dildo may be dirty is the smell. The smell is caused by using and not thoroughly cleaning it down after. If it looks grimy and it has signs of discoloring, then play safe and do not use it. For the sake of a few dollars you can purchase rubber cocks that are brand new, and as clean as they can possibly be.

Ladysgasm will allow you to choose the best dildo and the correct lubrication

Pregnant or not, the choice of the right dildo is still essential. If it is too big or too small you will not enjoy it. You may want it to really look like a real veined penis, or you may prefer the candle smooth types to enjoy. You may like the artificial penis because of the color, or you may buy dildos because of the artificial skins. Whatever your choice, the most important safety rile is to use lubrication always! Always! There is far less chance of being hurt or causing damage if the whole toy and the area of penetration is covered in lube.

When you chose your Ladygasm dildo product, make sure you buy lube at the same time.