Things You Need to Use Anal Sex Toys

To Enjoy Anal Stimulation – You need these things

For men and women who are curious about or experienced with anal pleasure, anal sex toys are excellent methods of getting the stimulation that is desired. Anal toys are designed for anal insertion and stimulation, and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, colors and materials. Let’s look at some of the more popular toys for anal pleasure and their uses.

Anal Sex Toys: Lubricants

For anyone looking to explore anal pleasure, the first purchase they should make is a good anal lubricant. An asshole does not naturally lubricate like a vagina, so penetration in that area should be augmented with a specially designed for that purpose friction reducer. Some anal lubricants contain benzocaine or lidocaine to numb the area and ease penetration, and are great for beginners to explore anal sex without it being too much of a pain in the ass. Other anal sex lubricants forego the anesthetics and focus on delivering a long lasting slippery solution to anal friction problems. Anal lubricants of all sorts have that quality in common, long lasting. Typical lubricants used in vaginal sex break down quicker, and tend to be water based; anal lubricants are usually silicone or petroleum based, and provide more lubrication for longer periods, making anal sex much more pleasurable for longer sessions.

Anal Toys: Anal Douches

Many women and men who want to explore anal sex with a partner find it difficult to relax about the experience because they worry about cleanliness. With good reason. The primary purpose of the anus and colon is expelling waste from the body, so we all know what could be lurking inside there just waiting to greet your anal orgasm toys or partner’s body parts upon insertion. Most sex toy retailers carry an assortment of anal douches. While these are not specifically anal sex toys, they are handy little additions to exploring anal stimulation. Before inserting anything into your anus, lube up the nozzle of an anal douche and give the inside of your ass a quick wash; the potential embarrassment or more involved post sex clean up you avoid just might be your own.

Butt Plugs: Beads

Strings of beads are common toys used in anal sex play. Originally, these were actual beads, commonly of glass, metal, or other smooth durable material, strung together and used during sex. Recent advances in sex toy construction has resulted in safer and more comfortable bead themed anal sex toys. It is still possible to find older style toys, but longer, flexible silicone toys that vary in thickness along their length have largely replaced strings of actual beads.

Silicone is softer, allowing the toy to adjust as it is inserted into the user’s ass, making it more comfortable. Also, harder materials such as hard plastic can crack if it is not taken care of properly, which can lead to further discomfort and possibly even injury to sensitive places. And as for another danger of older style anal beads, who wants to take a chance on a string breaking and leaving the sex toy enthusiast not with a pleasant memory of the experience, but with an embarrassing trip to the emergency room to get a piece of a sex toy removed? The silicone bead anal sex toys largely negate these dangers.