The rise of the adult superstore, part 2

When the internet was gifted to the world by Sir Tim Berners Lee it’s unlikely that he had any idea he was enabling the dawn of the online adult superstore. Sex very quickly established itself as a number one bestseller on the internet.

The statistics are truly staggering. According to compiled numbers from respected news and research organizations. Mind blowingly, is spent on pornography every second of every day. And 28,258 internet users are playing with themselves while ogling hot porn. At the same time, 372 internet users are inputting sexual terms into their Google search engines desperate to survey some more porn. Every 39 minutes a new pornographic video is being created in the U.S.

Adult superstores have become bestsellers online

The pornography industry has larger revenues than Google, Microsoft, Amazon, eBay, Apple Netflix and Yahoo put together. The internet became the ideal venue for the growth of the online adult toy store. Sales of sex toys have been boosted hugely by the popularity of online porn.

Today a large percentage of the profits made by sex toy manufacturers are from novelty products endorsed and promoted by both male and female porn stars. All the major adult superstores with a bricks and mortar presence also have a large online presence too.

Online adult sex stores don’t have to worry about all frustrating things high street sex shops need to pay attention to. There is no licensing, no limit on space, no need to hide products behind blackened windows, and they can operate 24/7 around the world. Products can be dispatched instantly by giant automated warehouses. The toy or DVD porn video can reach the front door of the customer untouched by human hand within 24 to 48 hours.

For the customer the massive advantage of the adult superstores is that of complete privacy. The shy retiring spinster can research every time of sex toy before settling on her 15 inch vibrating ultra realistic dildo in the comfort of her study. Customers can view as many products as they like without any feeling of shame or embarrassment.

It would also have been unimaginable as recently as 15 years ago that the country with by far the biggest output of sex toys in the world would be that of Communist China. Until the early 90s China was one of the most secretive and forbidding nations on earth. To a large extent it still is, but it has cornered the market in supplying cheap sex toys to erotic toy stores the world over.

The internet has enabled women to become the major consumer of adult sex toys. What once was an exclusively male world has been transformed into to a safe, clean, efficient and anonymous stomping ground for ladies to explore their sexuality.

Now major new online adult sex stores will shortly be offering a huge variety of sex toys predominantly to female customers. will be selling a wide variety of the most popular women’s sex toys on the market, including a superb range of vibrators and dildos. There will also be a wide choice of Ladygasm branded sex toys including vibrators, rabbit vibrators, dildos, and even Hitachi wand style toys. The online sex shops is now a billion business, and it continues to grow.