The Most Popular Women’s Sex Toys

A trip to a sex shop or at an online sex toy retailer will reveal hundreds of men’s and women’s sex toys. There is something for anyone and everyone, regardless of how vanilla or exotic their erotic tastes might be.

Sex toys for women can be divided up into a few different categories, but one of the biggest and farthest-ranging traits is vibration. Almost any women’s sex toy can be “animated” by adding vibration. Vibration increases the pleasurable effect of friction and rhythmic pressure.

Women’s Sex Toys: Vibrators

There are more kinds of vibrators on the market than anyone would ever guess. They go from really simple to really complicated, and come in all shapes, sizes, textures, colors and more. The sky is the limit when it comes to female sex toys that vibrate.

Vibration is especially helpful in encouraging a clitoral orgasm. Studies show that around 75% of women can’t or don’t climax during intercourse for one reason or another, so their primary method of achieving orgasm is via direct or indirect clitoral stimulation. Many women opt for manual masturbation (no batteries needed!), but there are much more efficient, faster and easier ways to get off, and a vibrator does it all.

Probably the simplest kinds of vibrators are those that are phallic-shaped. Most have a base where the batteries are loaded and the on/off dial or switch is located, with the body of the vibrator in varying lengths, colors, textures and girths.

For those ladies who like discretion, consider a mini-vibrator, which can even come disguised as a tube of lipstick! They can be pocketed or slipped into your purse, and despite their diminutive size they can pack a pleasurable punch whenever and wherever you like. You or your partner can engage in sex play in public without anyone even knowing it—from under a tablecloth at dinner, at the movies, or in the car. Just be careful while you drive!

One common trait in girls sex toys that vibrate is that they are almost analogous with dildos. A phallic-shaped vibrator can be called a dildo, and vice-versa. Those lucky girls who can come through penetration will find their pleasure is even more intense when they use a vibrating dildo. The vibration can help you come faster, harder, and more frequently.

Size is a “big” concern in vibrating female masturbation toys. Many girls crave a big, thick penis or dildo; other women don’t care about length, it’s all about the girth. There are many to choose from, and vibration makes them even more satisfying.

Texture is important, too. Some vibrators have a softer, flesh-like texture, while others are more artificial, featuring studs, ridges, or other types of texture that increase friction and augment pleasure.

Egg-shaped vibrators are very popular women’s sex toys. Most have a very smooth surface and are shaped like an egg for easy holding. Women who don’t care about penetration and simply want the clitoral stimulation swear by these women’s sex toys. They are small and efficient and always deliver.

Others feature a double-pronged approach to vibrating pleasure: a device that has a special design that stimulates both the clit and penetrates the pussy at the same time. Often these sex toys for women are named after animals, like dolphins.

Vibrators to enhance sex with a partner are also big sellers. There are wearable vibrators that can enhance clitoral stimulation for women during intercourse, and there are double-sided stimulators that give pleasure to both partners, whether gay, strait, or bi.

Choosing female masturbation toys is a lot like going to an all-you-can-eat buffet. Everything looks so good, and you want to sample everything! Select toys that will give you the orgasm(s) you want and deserve, in whatever setting you feel right.