The Girls Guide to Anal Sex Toys

Why should every girl know about anal sex toys?

Anal sex toys are pretty popular these days, but a lot of girls don’t really understand what is so great about them. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that most of the time we have encountered anal sex it’s because a guy wants to do it before we are ready for it. But if you learn to relax a little bit you can actually enjoy the experience. One of the best things you could do is grab a couple of toys and start practicing on your own.

The feeling of having a toy in your butt is actually pretty nice. I have a few butt plugs, and thanks to my practice with them, I was able to really start pleasing my man by giving him the occasional opportunity to plunder my booty. We lovingly refer to these nights as “pirate nights” and I like to surprise him by putting an entry on his calendar that says “Pirate Night!” He is usually extra sweet to me on those evenings, and we tend to have a better time than most.

I don’t mean to say that my boyfriend isn’t usually nice or sweet, so don’t get the wrong idea. It’s just that he feels like I am giving him something extra special during these occasions, so he goes the extra mile to be as kind and loving as possible. It really is pretty awesome that you can learn to actually enjoy anal and get some extra loving out of your man.

So, using anal toys will give you an easy way to learn to love anal sex. Of course, there is a lot of other reasons that you might like them, including just using them for their own sake. If you start off with a smaller toy you can work your way up to the bigger ones, giving you an opportunity to learn how to take a real penis with ease.

One of my favorites is actually a toy that was designed to stimulate the g-spot or the anus. It’s called the Ladygasm Voyager. The toy was originally designed with the g-spot in mind, but they engineered the shape of the toy to make it easy to insert in your butt. That means that you can use this toy for two purposes. And with the current state of the economy it sure is nice to save money by getting a two-in-one toy like this.

Surely you might be hesitant to give one of these toys a try. If you are, that is totally normal. But you really are missing out. If you haven’t ever actually had an enjoyable anal experience it is probably because you haven’t had the right toy. My recommendation is to get something like the voyager and a big bottle of lube so that you can start learning how to enjoy these toys. It doesn’t take much for you to become familiar with the pleasing feeling of having a nice toy in your butt. The first one or two times might be a little awkward, but wasn’t it the same way when you started having vaginal intercourse?

The best thing you can do is order one or two anal orgasm toys and start practicing. It will really open a whole new world of sexual adventure. You might not be as interested in letting a guy fuck you in the ass, but if you get used to using a toy you can really surprise your dream guy. Grab some anal sex toys and get practicing so that you can learn to love deep anal intercourse.