The dildos do not have to look like a penis

Dildos Can Feel Real Even if They Don’t Look Real

According to one of the online dictionary’s the world ”dildo” means,”An object having the shape and often the appearance of an erect penis, used in sexual stimulation.” Well it seems some companies are pushing the boundaries or the rules of that description. As more and more dildos are coming in many shapes and sizes, and looking like a penis is not that important for some people.

There is on the market a dildo called the Fist. Yes you guessed it, it is a clenched fist with the length of an arm attached, and this is actually sold as the fist dildo.

This fist is designed specifically for people who like to really go to a different level. This monster dildo measures is a huge 14" long, grit your teeth.The widest section of the hand measures 10 1/2" in circumference. Textured like a real hand, so this will be a very tight squeeze compared to the normal fake penis on sale. The sister product is called the hand, and is a whooping 16” of length, This time the hands are closed as if in praying. Maybe using that you really would have to pray!

How about having your sex pleasure stick made to look like animals? Some of these products are made to look like penis of non humans. Whatever rocks your boat. But if we stick to the more fun side of dildos, have a look at sites that like to make artificial penis in fun animal shapes. One of those makes sex toys shaped like a dragon, octopus, and sea monsters. Something like a blue monster from the watery depths with huge tentacles spread across the shaft. It is called Mythos, a mass of seething tentacles, and this beast measures 11" high and around 2".The Mythos is finished off by hand, so has a very real feel of being something that extra special. This will be time you can really say you had a monster between your legs!

Are you scared of spiders? There are a few products that are small vibrating spiders that you insert and use for pleasuring. So if you have the fear and the thrill of a spider, you could be screaming for reasons of pleasure and fear at the same time. There are so many forms of sex toys out there, including the feet dildo and even ones with faces on them.

No spiders for you? Well try

These are really so many novelty products for the sex industry, and most customers looking for a pleasure stick will probably not be going that extreme at first. So for people who are more mainstream in their views on sex toys, but still want great pleasuring, take a look at the site. This site really concentrates on the needs of women,as they market predominately for women, as they know women. Whatever size and width, you are bound to get the one to fit your needs at If they vibrate or not, if they glow inside or not. Just check the catalog of delight as soon as possible.