The Couples Guide to Sex Toys for Girls

Teaching your guy about sex toys for girls

If you have a few sex toys for girls, one of the best things you could do is allow your guy to use the toy on you. While there are some guys who might feel inferior to a dildo or a vibrator, he will usually get over this pretty quickly when he sees how hot and horny you get while being worked with your toy. And even if he is still a bit hesitant, when you toss the toy aside and beg him to plunge his dick inside of you, he will know that he is still your favorite toy.

Read the following tips and learn how to:

1. Teach your guy how to use girls sex toys
2. Use female sex toys during intercourse
3. Find sex toys for girls that also work on guys

So, you want to heat things up a bit in the bedroom, you have an extra bottle of lube, and you are getting ready to ask your guy to help you out. You are undoubtedly a little nervous that he might not want to use your vibrator to get you off. If this is the case, don’t worry. Instead, just let him know that you have always had the fantasy of having your boyfriend (or husband) use a vibrator to push you to orgasm. Most guys will be more than willing to help you with this. If your guy likes to provide oral stimulation, then he will most definitely be eager to give your vibrator a try.

Make sure that you tell him how you like the toy to be used. Some guys think that more pressure is better, or they might not realize that you don’t put a standard vibrator inside the vagina. Show him by allowing him to hold the toy while you guide his hand to apply the right amount of pressure and the motion you like. Once he figures this out, you can let him go.

Make sure to really put on a show for him by moaning and screaming. Don’t forget to tell him that you are excited by the fulfillment of your fantasy, and that you aren’t so excited just because the toy feels so great.

If you want to make things even hotter, try this. Tell your guy to lube up his penis and provide you anal stimulation while he uses the vibrator on your clitoris. Most guys are going to love this, and it will also provide some pretty intense orgasms for you.

If you think that your guy is struggling to understand that you don’t love the vibrator more than him, then do the following. During your play session, make it a point to grab the dildo and throw it to the side. Be careful that it doesn’t break, though. Then, tell him that you need his meat deep inside you and that nothing can please you like having him fill your hole. This will get the message across loud and clear that you really love him and his dick more than you like your toys.

There are a couple of toys that also work for guys and girls. One is the Ladygasm G-spot buzz. This toy was designed to stimulate your g-spot, as well as providing vibrations for your clit. But it is also shaped to stimulate his prostate. If he is really adventurous, then tell him that you want to take turns using the toy to take the pleasure to the next level. This is one of the best experiences you could ever have with womens sex toys.