Do you want the ultimate vibrating sex toys for girls?

If you are looking for sex toys for girls that vibrate, then you have come to the right place. With years of experience, I decided it was time for me to put my knowledge to the use of all women who want it. Whether you are buying your very first vibrator, dildo, or g-spot stimulator… or if you already own a bunch and want a few more, this article will give you the information you need to make a quick purchasing decision. Don’t waste your time browsing dozens of different products. Stick with the best and forget about the rest!

I will list my three favorite female sex toys that vibrate, as well as explaining what I like about them so much. You might end up having a different opinion, but since none of these toys are terribly expensive, you can easily try all three without breaking the bank. The fact that they will come in discreet packaging also means that you won’t have to worry about the mail man giving you a “come-hither” look when he delivers the package. Who wants that, anyway?!

The first of my favorite sex toys for women is the Ladygasm Rose Vibrator. This toy takes a new spin on a classic design. Imagine traditional female massagers, but with a nice spiral texture on the tip. It feels great when you put the tip right against your clitoris and let it buzz away. For an extra special experience, slowly glide the spiral up and down across your lubed-up clitoris and let it take you to your secret garden. There really is nothing better than rubbing out a quick orgasm with such a simple, inexpensive toy.

Next is the Hitachi Magic Wand Surprise Turbo edition. This toy is definitely my all time favorite. It isn’t for all women, because it can provide quite an intense experience. But if you lay back, spread your legs, and put the tennis ball sized vibrating head against your clitoris and vulva, you will be able to get off like never before. But don’t despair if you are ultra sensitive. Try “hovering” the toy right above your body and let the intense vibrations gently bring you to orgasmic nirvana. After a few times using the toy this way, you will be ready to increase the pressure ever so slightly. After a few months of regular use you will be able to grind yourself into it hard, and experience continuous, long lasting orgasms.

The Ladygasm Orgasm Accelerator is one of the only sex toys for girls that has a properly descriptive name. This toy combines g-spot and clitoral stimulation in an amazing way. If you really want to have an intense orgasm that will leave you feel like your body is exploding with pleasure, then there really isn’t anything better than a g-spot experience. Since the nub on the handle will also provide an intense clitoral experience, you can get off quickly. There are times I have used this toy to orgasm in under a minute, and seeing as I am not very sensitive, that says a lot about it!

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