The Best Sex Toys for Couples

Every couple has sex—well, hopefully they do. Sex is one of the best ways to bring a couple closer, both emotionally and physically. Sex is how we connect with each other, how we get our physical needs met, how we make up after fights, and how we make babies. It is also just plain fun! Couples sex toys can add some variety and intensity to your partnered sex life. There are many out there to choose from.

The Best Sex Toys for Couples

The purpose of erotic toys for couples is to enhance mutual pleasure. This can happen in two ways: directly, as in both partners receive physical stimulation, or indirectly, where either one partner gets physical pleasure while the other derives emotional pleasure from giving or watching their partner feel good, or through mental excitement induced by costumes, games or other things.

The best-selling toys for adult partners are, hands down, vibrators of some kind. These sex toys aren’t just for the ladies anymore, either. Almost every sex toy can be ramped up by adding a vibration feature.

Normal vibrators for girls can be used by one partner on the other. A vibrating penetrative toy can be used at the same time the partner gives oral pleasure or touches them in other places, increasing the woman’s erotic response. Some small vibrators, like the butterfly-style clit-only stimulators, can be used during vaginal or anal intercourse, or even during oral sex. A strap-on vibrating toy like a rabbit vibrator can help create a triple crown of sex: the vibrator will penetrate and stimulate her vagina, vibrate her clit, while the other partner pleasures her in the back door. No one loses, everyone wins!

Other sex toys for couples cater to the bi and gay audience. Strap-on dildos or vibrators can allow lesbians to add penetration to their bedroom repertoire. A double-sided dildo can pleasure both gay male and female couples; they can each be penetrated while the motions of their partner ad intensity and friction.

Male masturbation sex toys can be transformed into a couples erotic toy, too. If a woman or gay male partner cannot give a blow job or vaginal or anal sex for some reason, a male masturbation tool like a pocket pussy or ass can step in and take the pressure off the other partner. Or, they can use it along with sex with each other. This is also good for threesomes or orgies, where sometimes an available orifice might be hard to come by if it’s an oddly-numbered gathering. Male G-spot stimulators can be used during sex or during mutual masturbation to heighten the sensation of a blow job or penetrative sex.

Fantasy sex toys for couples are some of the most versatile and fun products available. Sex games can bring in humor and explore how well the couple knows each other; costumes can add new dimensions of excitement, as the partners play with role-playing and mental stimulation. Using a scented or flavored lube can make blow jobs, anal or vaginal sex more exciting. Lubes, creams, and gels that enhance sensation, warm, cool or allow a man to extend their erection or duration of intercourse can also improve the couple’s sex life.

Try out sex toys for couples. It will bring you closer—in every way!