The girls have decided on the best vibrators around.

The author of this article went on a quest to find the best vibrators available. She is a member of a number of adult oriented forums, and she is well respected in many of them. She took the time to go through all of the old messages, as well as posting up several surveys asking other women to weigh in on what they thought were the best toys they ever used. After a lot of hard work, she wrote into us to let us know what she found.

In this article you will learn:

1. Exactly how she determined which were the best sex toys
2. Why they are the best vibrating toys
3. Where you can purchase the recommended vibrators

After reading over five thousands messages on vibrators and receiving three thousand submissions to her survey, the author of this article finally felt that she had enough information to help her figure out which vibrator is universally considered the best one out there. Unfortunately, there was a three way tie. The author suspects that this is because different women have different needs, and each of these toys seems to fulfill a different need.

The Rabbit Vibrator was obviously one of the winners. Any woman who doesn’t know what the rabbit is hasn’t seen Sex in the City, and she should probably go back and watch that instead of reading this article. There are two versions of the toy that are currently popular, including the Pump and the Plus. The Pump has a tip that “pumps” in and out, and many women report that it feels like a guy cumming inside. The plus wiggles around in a little circle like no real dick could ever do, providing one of the most amazing feelings out there.

The Surprise Turbo Hitachi Magic wand was tied with the rabbit, but for very different reasons. While the rabbit provides mild clitoral stimulation and g-spot play, the Hitachi magic wand only does one thing, and it does it really well. The tip of the wand is a big, soft ball, and it vibrates at about 6,000 RPM. If you don’t know what that means, just trust us, it’s really fast. This toy has the potential to produce an orgasm in under a minute, especially in women who like intense clitoral stimulation. Girls who don’t love it so hard can hold the toy in a way where it only lightly stimulates the clitoris, too.

The third toy in the lineup was a surprise. The author had not heard of this particular toy before performing this research. This toy is known as the Ladygasm Flex. It is designed to look and feel just like a real dick, but it has a spine inside of it, allowing you to shape it to your heart’s content. You can make it lean to the left or the right. You can shape it so it has a curve upwards or downwards. One woman even reported that she liked to put an S-shaped wiggle in the dick and then get to work. Having a realistic toy that is shapeable definitely gives you a lot of options that you might not otherwise have.

At the end of the day, there really is no such thing as the best vibrator. Sure, you can find out what other girls like and that can help you narrow it down. But your body is your own, and you might not like the same thing that other do.

In your quest to find the best vibrators, just remember, experimentation is the best way to find what you like the most, so make it a point to buy a few different toys.