The Anal Sex Toy of the Year

Which anal sex toy will put you on the moon?

Hello, it’s Victoria, and I am writing in to let you know which anal sex toy will win my annual award. Each year I try out over a dozen different toys designed for anal stimulation, and at the end of the year I determine which is the best. I have been doing this for a couple of years, and each and every time I am surprised by which toy wins the ward. There was a year when I gave the award to a butt plug, and another when it went to some innovative anal beads. This year, though, I am focused on a toy that can provide stimulation for him and her.

I am talking about the Ladygasm Voyager. This is an anal toy that was designed with couples in mind. It features for different ways to use it, and each is hotter than the next. To start, this toy is a vibrator, and you can use it to stimulate your clitoris, or you can rub it up and down his shaft or press it against his balls. For a lot of fun, gently press the tip into his taint and watch him squirm with delight. I find it handy that this toy features this vibrating functionality, because it makes it a well rounded toy for couples on a tight budget.

Next, it has a great curved tip, so you can use it to stimulate your g-spot. This is the only anal pleasure tool that I know of that does just as good of a job inside of the pussy as it does in an ass. When you feel that tip pressing and buzzing against your g-spot, you will have a hard time not cumming. Make sure you use it on your vagina first, and after you switch to using it on your ass don’t go back. This will help you avoid a potential yeast infection.

This anal orgasm tool has a great shape to it. It isn’t too big around, and it is just long enough to give you anal “fulfillment.” You will really feel like you are stuffed to the brim. The texture of the toy is really nice, too, and with just a little drop of lube it will slip right in. It feels good once it is inside and vibrating, and you can tweak the intensity of the vibrations up and down, giving you one heck of a fun evening. You really need to give it a try in your butt. But of course, that is why you are reading this article, because you are interested in finding out how great of an anal toy it is.

The fourth use for this toy might come as quite a surprise. In recent times, anal sex toy designs have shifted from focusing on women to having men in mind, too. The voyager is no different. This toy was designed to be able to stimulate your g-spot… and his. Once it is inside, he will feel prostate stimulation, and it won’t take very long until his balls are heavy with cum. The feeling is very similar to a light orgasm, because the prostate is involved in his orgasm process. Watch out, though! When he unleashes his load it will make a mighty mess. Make sure that you don’t switch back to vaginal intercourse with this toy after using it on his anus as mentioned above.

Always clean the toy before and after use to make sure that it remains sterile and safe to use. You can get this anal sex toy at, where they feature discreet shipping and many other fun toys to bring to the bedroom.