The Anal Sex Toy Designed for Couples

The Amazing Anal Sex Toy that Makes Him Explode

Girls, if you haven’t heard about the prostate, then you probably have no idea why an anal sex toy can be so great for your man. It can be tough to convince him to let you put anything up his butt, but if you explain what is going to happen he will probably be willing to give it a try. By massaging his prostate you can give him one of the most powerful, amazing orgasms that he can feel. The good news is that you can also use this same toy to stimulate your own ass or vagina if you want to.

This toy is called the Ladygasm G-Spot Buzz, and in this guide you will learn:

1. Why this anal toy works on him
2. How this anal pleasure toy can get you off
3. Where to get this anal orgasm toy to start having a great time

The first thing you need to know is that this toy actually started out as a prostate massager. After a while the manufacturer learned that a lot of women were using it to stimulate their g-spots, so they started marketing it towards women. I guess I am letting you in on one of the biggest secrets out there!

The toy is great for girls because it vibrates and has a curved tip. You can use it on your clit, or you can slip it inside to bump your g-spot. Either way, it produces some great orgasms for you. But what about him?

Well, the reason this toy works for women is because your g-spot is practically the same as his… but it’s in his butt. This toy was designed for easy entry into his ass, and the curved tip stimulates the prostate. By massaging the prostate you will coax it into producing more fluid, and also cause a powerful orgasm with just a small bit of pressure.

Orgasms stimulated through prostate massage are messy, because there is going to be a lot of fluid pouring out of him. Well, it’s more like blasting out of him, because when the prostate is stimulated in the right way it squeezes in a stronger fashion than it normally could. These strong squeezes cause multiple, powerful spurts of semen to fly out of his penis.

The good news is that you can get this toy without having to go to a gay online sex shop. You can buy it right here on If you are looking to convince your guy to let him try it on you, make sure that you tell him about the powerful orgasm it is going to produce. Talk to him about making a big mess on your belly, tits, or even in your mouth if you like swallowing. If you really want to get him to let you give it a try, tell him that you will let him blow his load on your face like they do in the porn movies. I don’t think there is a guy alive who can resist that offer.

Just make sure you use a lot of lube, because his butt isn’t designed to take anything inside. You can pick up some of the right type of lubricant when you buy the toy. If he’s still nervous, just promise him that you will let him do whatever he wants to you if he doesn’t like it.

I tried this with my husband, and he was eager to give it a try. Since he obviously loved the experience I got away with it and didn’t have to let him do anything special. Who knew an anal sex toy could be so great for a guy?