The Advantages of Owning Silicone Dildos

Just why do I love silicone dildos so passionately?

Think about the average sex toy and you will probably not think about silicone dildos. Instead, you will probably imagine those personal massagers featured in your granny’s catalog so long ago. They are hard and not life like in any way. They are only good for providing a vibrating sensation on your clitoris, and there is absolutely nothing natural about them. Not only do they feel too hard when you press them against yourself, but they often provide vibrations that are far too intense, meaning that you orgasm quickly and might even get sore. This is certainly not what I want to experience when I lie down to masturbate, and I don’t think that you do, either.

Silicone dicks, on the other hand, are soft, yet firm. They can be shaped and molded from a real model’s body, giving you a life like experience, but they can also include a vibrating insert. It really is the best of both worlds. I love to use mine to simulate real sex when I am alone. I have had a few different models over the years, and they have gotten me through some long, lonely nights. It doesn’t matter if you are single or if you have a man that is travelling for business. A silicone toy is the best substitute when you can’t get the real thing.

One of the best features of these silicone sex toys that others can’t match is that you can put your toy in a bowl of warm or cold water and it will absorb the temperature. You have to be very adventurous to try this, but I like to put mine in a bowl of nearly freezing water and then pretend I am having a go with old man winter! You can also put it in warm water, making it even more lifelike than when it is at room temperature. Whether you modify the temperature or not, it definitely provides a realistic sensation.

The model that I use the most frequently is the Mangasm Alex. This is a model that was modeled from a real man’s cock, and it features a vibrator. I can use it to stimulate real intercourse, or I can just lay back and use the vibrations to get off with a clitoral orgasm. It really is able to please me no matter what I am in the mood for. I have to be honest, ever since I bought this toy I have a thing for guys named Alex, and I think that whoever my next boyfriend is that he will share the same name.

Silicone dildos aren’t the ultimate solution. There are some things that only a harder toy can do for you. If you want a super fast, really intense orgasm then you have to rely on a Hitachi Magic Wand or a traditional personal massager style vibrator. But these don’t provide the type of experiences that I think most other women really want. I know that I have a huge preference for a realistic fuck than I do for a quick vibrator induced orgasm. But to each her own! Whatever gets you off is what you should go after.

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