What can you expect to find in an adult superstore? Everything! The adult toy industry is innovative and creative, and they know that sex sells, and you’re buying. There are so many products to choose from you can spend hours browsing if you’re so inclined. Most of these establishments are now online, but there are still lots of sex shops that carry a nice array of merchandise for all your pleasure needs.

The Adult Superstore Experience

Whether you enter through the front door or click in with your internet browser, stepping into an adult toy store is like stepping into an alternate universe, where nothing else exists except the desire to please you—in whatever manner you prefer, no matter how unique. There are sex toys for every sexual preference, level of kink, and even unique novelty items. The sky is the limit. The staff of a “real” adult sex shop is usually very laid-back and progressive, and they will normally be well-versed in how the toys for sale work, which ones are the best sellers, and can make recommendations. If it’s an online store, there will be user reviews and descriptions to aid you, and many stores have free online customer support.

Most sex shops are organized into sections catering to specific products. You will likely find a massive selection of vibrators and dildos, an area just for male sex toys, an area for BDSM and other fetish items, accessories (lube, batteries, etc.), and novelties, like gag gifts. Games, costumes, massage accessories, books, magazines and videos also have their places.

An erotic toy store with an actual physical location will frequently have a section devoted to non-sex related merchandise, too. Smoking apparatus like rolling papers, pipes, bongs, lighters and hookahs are big sellers, as well as products for cleansing the body of toxins and other substances. These items are usually sold in an adult toy store or sex shop because they are items classified as “novelties,” and as such an adult superstore can sell them easily. Most adult toys are classified as novelties, too, because of the strict licensing procedures in the US and Canada. Although some products are classified as health aids, most are labeled as novelties because they are subject to easier regulations, which means they cost less overall.

Take your time in an erotic toy store to find exactly what you want. If you’re looking to take your masturbation to the next level, choose a vibrator or male sex aid carefully. Compare prices and reviews, and make sure it will suit your personal preferences. Remember that an item like this probably will not be returnable, so it is caveat emptor, or buyer beware.

If you want to add some more fun to your relationship as a couple, figure out what you are after. Some couples can be perfectly happy by bringing in less directly sexual aids like games, costumes, creams, lotions, massagers, and books or videos to spice up their time in the bedroom. Other couples need some help in the orgasm-boosting department, or just want to amp up the intensity by taking plain “vanilla” sex to new levels. Whether you want to try anal for the first time, bring in a third playmate or try out something like bondage or S&M, an adult sex shop will have the products you need.