Taking Your Guy to the Adult Sex Shop

An extra special trip to the adult sex shop

My guy has always been interested in going to an adult sex store with me, but I always told him that I prefer to go alone. For the longest time he kept bugging me to go along with him so that we could buy some toys together. I kept putting it off. Since I am going to be using those toys on my own, I like to go and really be able to take my time picking out what I want. I am sure that you understand that! But he had been away on business for about a month, and I wanted to give him an extra special treat when he came home.

I think most guys would like going to the adult sex shop with their woman. There is something about it that really turns them on. It’s not hard to understand why. But rather than taking him out to a real store, I decided to sit down at the computer and browse an online store. There were a few reasons I did this:

• Visiting an erotic toy store in your lingerie is only possible when you do it from home
• You can fuck your man right after you log off of the online adult sex shop
• Buying a toy from an online adult toy shop is much more discreet than going out in public

So how did the night turn out? Well we spent a couple of hours looking at all of the toys and talking about what it would be like to use them. One rule that I made was that he couldn’t touch me until we were all done making our purchase. Since I really took my time looking at each toy and describing what it would be like for me to use it, he was really struggling to maintain control.

I kept having to remind him to keep his hands to himself. He kept trying to kiss me and to seduce me, which was really sexy. We looked at a couple of toys, but ultimately we ended up making three purchases. I bought the Ladygasm Alex, because it looked just like his penis and it vibrates. I also got the rose vibrator, because I thought it was really cute. And I got him a Fleshlight STU so that he could practice when he went on his next business trip.

I think the most exciting part about the whole thing was the anticipation of finishing up and getting into the bedroom. But we didn’t even make it that far. As soon as I finished placing my order he pressed his lips against mine and started to explore my mouth with his tongue. He stood me up, grabbed my ass, and pulled me against him. I could feel how hard he was and I knew that his balls had become heavy with sperm. It only took another minute before I was laying on my back on the floor as he pounded away. I reached down to feel his dick sliding in and out and my fingers brushed against my clit. I started rubbing myself and came again and again while he worked his prick in and out of my hole. When he finally climaxed I could feel his body shuddering and his hot cream filling my body.

I never would have thought that a simple trip to the online sex shop would have resulted in such a hot romp right there on the living room floor. After that experience, I think I will take my husband to the online sex store as often as he wants to go