A woman’s orgasm is one of the most intense physical responses she can have, but amazingly, many girls don’t even know if they’ve come or not. Some of us don’t even think they can be orgasmic, because they have bad or incomplete information. Female sex toys are sometimes necessary to help these women understand how to achieve orgasm.

Masturbation and Women Sex Toys that Rock

The occurrence of female orgasm is different from one woman to another. You may experience greater sensation than others or just the other way around. Just because your orgasm was not as overwhelming as you expected it to be doesn't mean that you didn't reach orgasm. This is the reason why it is important to be in tune with your own body as well as to be aware of the different types of orgasms you can experience.

Orgasms vary widely in intensity and duration between women, and every woman has an orgasm “scale.” Sometimes they’re massive and multiple, while other times it’s just a fun little tingle. Stress, state of mind, and many other factors can contribute to this variation in intensity. Some women are “underwhelmed” in the orgasm department; they think that just because they didn’t get knocked off the bed by the force of their climax they didn’t come. These pre-conceived notions are damaging to a woman’s self-esteem, because they feel they are deficient in some way. Female masturbation toys can help these women learn how to vary their climaxes.

Most women can have two kinds of orgasm. The first kind, the most well-known kind, is the clitoral orgasm. The clitoris and penis are essentially analogous, since all humans start off life as female in the womb. The male penis develops from the tissue that will eventually become the clitoris in a female fetus during pregnancy. They This is achieved by direct or indirect stimulation of the clitoris. Direct stimulation is pretty straightforward: using either a finger, a women sex toy, or a partner’s finger, tongue or penis the clitoris is excited. Indirect stimulation can involve the inner and outer labia, the area around the vagina, or friction and movement caused by intercourse. This can happen manually, with a women sex toy, or with a partner. Regardless of how it happens, a clitoral orgasm happens when blood engorges the organ and causes it to protrude, swell, and to become exquisitely sensitive. Eventually the nerve endings reach a point of “overload” that results in an extremely pleasurable muscular contraction, which is the orgasm. Many women are capable of achieving multiple or rapid-fire clitoral orgasms through continuing stimulation of the area, but some women find it too sensitive.

The other, and more mysterious, type of orgasm is the G-spot orgasm. This is also known as a vaginal orgasm. It happens when the G-spot is stimulated and becomes sensitive and engorged, similar to the way the clitoris responds. The G-spot was discovered in 1950 and is analogous to the male prostate gland. Some women even squirt (ejaculate) when this area is massaged. The G-spot is located a few inches inside the vagina on the outer wall. It feels slightly spongy and contrasts with the smoother vaginal wall. It can be reached with a finger using a “come here” motion, or even better with girls sex toys designed for this kind of play. A G-spot orgasm feels different than a clitoral one; many women say it feels “deeper” and is a bit unusual to those who have become accustomed to clitoral orgasms.

Using sex toys for women can open new doors in your erotic life. Explore your body and experience new heights of pleasure by yourself or with your partner.