When it comes to women’s sex toys, there is a lot of variety out there. It’s estimated that the adult toy and video industry earns a great deal more than four billion dollars yearly, so there is a large demand for adult entertainment of every kind. Sex toys for women make up a large portion of yearly retail sales, because the demand is high and the number of styles and types available are staggering. Regardless of what kind of toy you want, there are female masturbation toys out there that will satisfy your desires.

Human beings have a high sex drive: we want it, we want it frequently, and we want it the way we want it. Whether you’re a male or female, sex toys in general are a great way to release the tension, explore your sexuality, and just get off whenever you feel like it. There are no regrets, no risks to infections, no emotional compromises, and no complications. Just get off!

Popular Women’s Sex Toys: Dildos

The most popular sex toys for girls are dildos and vibrators. Whether gay or straight, solo or with a partner, a dildo, vibrator or a vibrating dildo is a great way to satisfy yourself or someone else. You’ll see hundreds of dildos in the best sex shops, in all sizes, shapes, colors, textures, and more.
Some women really love the sensation of being penetrated, so a dildo is their go-to sex toy of choice. For these women, the length, girth, texture and level of flexibility will be important. Some women love a big penis, and find that when it comes to female sex toys, the bigger the better! There are some truly enormous dildos out there, and these toys are also popular with gay men, too.

For other women, the girth is the important part of a dildo. Women have more nerve endings around the lower portion of their vagina and the opening itself than at the top. A wider, thicker dildo will create more friction in these sensitive areas as the woman penetrates herself, and it can also stimulate the clitoris as well. Adding vibration to the mix is a recipe for a truly awesome orgasm!

Curvature and the texture of the dildo is also important in these kinds of women’s sex toys. A flesh-textured, studded, or ribbed texture can increase the pleasure of penetration as it generates more friction and stimulation. Women who know how to come from manipulating their G-spot often love a curved dildo, as it can hit that sweet spot at the same time as pleasuring her in relation to penetration and friction.

Battery-powered dildos are the obvious evolution of this women’s sex toy. By adding vibration and even heat the user’s pleasure is intensified even more.

For pleasure play with a partner, try a double-ended dildo that allows you to penetrate yourself and a partner at the same time. Lesbians, bi-sexuals and gay male couples find their double-dongs indispensible.

Strap-on dildos allow women to take the “male” role in an exciting twist in sex. Some are simple strap-ons, while others have vibrating functions that not only stimulate the one being penetrated—they also stimulate the one doing the penetrating! Lesbians love these women’s sex toys for the wider horizons they offer in bed with their lovers.

Add some spice and variety to your life with a variety of sex toys for girls. It doesn’t matter if you’re alone or with a partner, any orgasm is a good one, and sex toys let you enjoy them more frequently, easier and with more variety. Have fun!