Every woman should have one or more vibrators in her panty drawer. They help us to feel good in so many ways, help us to relax, help us to have more fun in bed with our partners. There are lots of vibrators on the market, so what are some features of the best vibrators?

What are the Features of the Best Vibrators?

First, the best vibrating sex toys are made of quality materials. There are many kinds of materials out there, but be careful when deciding which one you prefer. If you like a more realistic texture, opt for Cyber Skin or silicone. Even though they are more expensive, these recommended vibrators are worth it. These materials are soft and feel very good, but the biggest advantage is that they are non-porous.

Many materials, such as jelly rubber, can absorb all kinds of things, even bodily fluids and their associated germs. The interior of a jelly sex toy can’t be cleaned properly, as jelly is damaged by using most disinfectants, and plain soap and water just won’t do the trick. Also, jelly rubber and other rubber sex toys have been known to be contaminated with phthalates. These chemicals can make you sick with prolonged skin contact, and they have been detected in high concentrations in sex toys made in Asia, especially China. Be choosy and spend a little more for the best sex toys made of the best material. It’s worth every penny!

If you want a more “rigid” experience, choose the best vibrators made of harder, penetrative materials. Think about how it would feel inside, though, and be realistic; sometimes things don’t feel as good as they are imagined to be. Advantages of hard plastic and other hard materials is all about the hygiene, since like Cyber Skin and silicone they can be sterilized easily. Some of the vibrator recommendations are those made of materials like metal, even silver and gold! Treat your pussy like royalty with these erotic toys.

Another key feature in the best vibrating sex toys are variable speeds and intensities. Sometimes, one vibe does not fit all! The ability to dial up the intensity, or even dial it down to prolong the experience, can add new dimensions to your self-pleasure. Low-intensity settings allow you to build up the orgasm, which results in a longer lasting and more intense climax. If you’re just in the mood to get off and get going, using the higher settings is good, because it makes you come fast and hard. If you’re with a partner, you or your lover can vary the speeds, varying your mutual pleasure.

Other features of the best vibrators include remote or radio control options, waterproof casing so you can sex up your shower, bath and pool time, and texture. Some vibrators even mimic the delicious tongue action of oral sex. You should always consider the noise level of your sex toys, too, because not everyone is comfortable with the idea of their neighbors knowing how good their sex life is, especially due to the obnoxious noise generated by a cheap vibrator! The best sex toys will have good noise dampening and operate smoothly and almost silently, ensuring that the only noises anyone hears are your moans of pleasure!

Investing in a few of the best vibrating sex toys that have various functions is a good idea. Consider it an investment in your own happiness, and that’s priceless.