Should you purchase couples sex toys?

Introducing couples sex toys without shaking things up

One of the things that every girl secretly wants is to introduce couples sex toys to the bedroom. While intercourse with your partner is fun and exciting, there is something exhilarating about using a toy that is designed to take you to new sexual heights with your partner. Sadly, many guys see the suggestion as a comment on their ability in the bedroom. So just how can you introduce these toys without getting him upset? Should you even bother?

The following article will help you learn to:

1. Talk to him about using toys for adult partners
2. Reassure him that you don’t want to use adult sex toys because there is something wrong with him
3. Show him how much fun using sex toys in a relationship can be

No, not every guy is going to be receptive to bringing toys into the room, and there are some guys who will never allow it. There are also guys who are just as eager as you to use a vibrator or some other toy during your sexual sessions. The only way you will find out is by talking to him about it.

One of the things that works the best is to ask him if he is interested in having a little bit more fun when the two of you have sex. Most guys will be interested in this and you will get them curious. Tell him that you love making love to him and that you could do it forever. Let him know that you really love having his hands all over your body.

Then tell him that you want to take things to the next level. Tell him that, for a long time, you have had a fantasy about having him use one of your toys while you lay back and cum. Make sure you put all of the emphasis on him in this conversation. It may even help to mention that, since the two of you have gotten together, your toys just don’t deliver the same kind of pleasure that they used to.

Make sure he knows that he is what is missing from the equation. When he knows that he is what is turning you on and allowing you to achieve super orgasms, he will be even more excited to give it a try. By taking these steps, you have not only brought up the idea of using your vibrator in the bedroom, but you have also shown him that, without his help, your toys are utterly useless.

If you really want to show him how much fun these toys can be then try setting up the following situation. Tell him that you have always dreamed about having him sit and watch you while you get off. Ask him if that idea turns him on. It certainly will. Then tell him that you want to lay back and use your vibrator while he sits and watches.

Here’s the most important step in showing him how much fun this can all be for him. When you are just about to cum stop what you are doing, pretend to be frustrated, and then look to him for help. Say something like, “I don’t know honey, I just can’t make it happen. Can you come over here and give it a try, I think that would help.”

When he starts working your clitoris with the vibrator you can achieve orgasm. If you timed it all right, you can cum almost as soon as he starts. When you are all done, tell him that you really appreciate what he has done for you and that you are looking forward to using couples sex toys with him again.