Should you buy cheap dildos?

Sometimes your budget might come into play and leave you with no option except to look at cheap dildos. With the economy in the toilet, more and more women are thinking about buying cheaper sex toys than ever before. But before we dive into figuring out whether or not you are better off saving up for a few weeks to get an expensive toy, let’s figure out how to define “cheap.”

Sex toys range in price from about all the way up to and in some cases they can be even more expensive than that. When looking at cheaper toys, we are talking about things in the range of to about . The good news is that this price range has a lot of different options, and a woman looking to get a toy in this price range will be able to find something that works really well for her.

When you start to look at other, more expensive toys, things can get really interesting. Generally you are looking at a bunch of extra features that won’t really help you get off, though. There are toys that are designed to help you fulfill all sorts of wild fantasies. I have seen dildos that are designed to replicate a zombie dick, a Frankenstein dick, and even a cyborg dick. If you really want to live out one of these fantasies, then there is no way you are going to do it with cheap sex toys. But how many women are really looking for that?

Mostly, we’re talking about a cheap artificial penis that will just help you get off. You can find inexpensive options, such as the Rose Vibrator, for only about ! This is a basic vibrator with some extra texture on the tip to help heighten the sensation. But what if you want something that is a bit more realistic, such as a dildo that is molded from a real penis? Well, there are cheap rubber cocks that fall into this category, too. Take a look at something like the Ladygasm Alex, which falls into our designated price range. Not only is it ultra realistic, but it also features vibrating functionality, which means it is sort of like the Swiss army knife of dildos.

If we want to start considering toys at the upper range of our budget, you can actually get things like the Rabbit. There are two popular options, including the Pump and the Plus. Either of these will provide a number of different features that will allow you to get off, but the big selling point is the vibrating “ears” that stimulate the clitoris. The head of the Pump will actually “pump” while it is inside you, and the Plus features a tip that wiggles. Both of these can be purchased for right around bucks!

There is also the Hitachi Magic Wand. There are a number of different styles for this toy, but most of them come in at around fifty bucks. This is a clitoral stimulator that you will use to get yourself off by applying the pressure directly to your clit. You can not use it for insertion, which means it is rather limited in what it can do to please you.

At the end of the day, you have to figure out whether or not you are better off buying something inexpensive or saving up to get a toy that costs or more.

The good news is that a shop like has plenty of cheap dildos for you to take a look at, and you can easily find something to help get you off without breaking the bank.