Regular vs. Realistic Dildos

A very popular group of sex toys on the market today are realistic dildos. Realistic dildos is kind of a catch all phrase used to cover items designed to be inserted into body cavities that look and feel as much like an actual man’s penis as possible. The possibilities are nearly limitless, and a little bit of fact finding will net you dozens of results as you begin to search for fake cocks.

What Is the Difference Between Realistic Dildos and Regular Dildos?

A dildo is a sex toy that is designed for penetration. A vibrator is designed to give pleasure by vibrating, and many of them may resemble cocks, but the important thing in a vibrator is its battery powered pussy pulsating delivery of motion. A dildo, on the other hand, is intended to be put inside the body to give the user a feeling of fullness, and then can be stroked in an out to simulate intercourse.

Dildos can vary greatly in size shape and construction material. Some dildos are made of Pyrex glass, others of metals such as stainless steel or sterling silver, and even semi-precious stone is a common option for making regular dildos. Realistic penises are made of high quality mixtures of silicone and plastic aimed at making the sex toy feel as life like as possible.

The most common materials used today to make rubber cocks are closely guarded secret recipes whose main ingredients are silicone and pvc plastic. Two of the most common names for these materials are Cyberskin and UR3.0, but many other similar compounds are used as well. A common trait among toys made from these materials is that their surface is porous, which allows tiny bacteria to get inside the rubber, where it can grow and thrive. It is extremely difficult to sterilize an artificial penis after use, since heat and harsh chemicals can cause the rubber to break down, damaging the toy itself. It is best to was your realistic dildo with liquid antibacterial soap to clean it as much as possible, but cover the toy with a condom when using it to avoid potential coochy infections (or anal infections, if that is your thing). On a final note, never share realistic dildos with a partner unless it is protected by a condom, for the same reason.

How Are Realistic Penises Used?

As mentioned previously, an artificial penis, like all dildos, are intended for penetration. Many of the ones commercially available include a suction cup on the base, which serves a couple of purposes. The suction cup can be moistened and pressed down to attach the realistic dildo to any hard, smooth surface, such as a table or counter top, toilet lid, tile floor or wall. The person using the realistic dildo can then insert it into their body and ride it to their heart’s (or pussy’s, or ass’s) content.

Another function of the suction cup base of fake cocks is most will fit standard harnesses. This allows the sex toy owner to strap on their toy and fuck their partner. Lesbians can buy the most realistic synthetic cocks on the market to add to their lovemaking, heterosexual couples can experiment with gender role reversals, and heterosexual or gay men can use a strap on harness and a realistic dildo to give their partner an all-new cock to enjoy.