Rabbit Vibrators Are Popular for a Reason

Rabbit vibrators are popular for one simple reason.

Rabbit vibrators are able to do things to a woman that no man ever could. It doesn’t matter how talented he might be with his tongue, how thick and long his cock is, or how hot his body is. The vibrating sex toy called rabbit is definitely able to take care of a woman in the way that she needs. When you own one of these toys you will quickly understand why and how they revolutionized the sex toy industry. It isn’t often that we get to see a toy come and so radically change our perception of pleasure, and every woman that owns one of these toys understands exactly why they are so beloved in the adult toy community.

These female sex toys come in a number of different configurations, allowing you to have a toy that does a perfect job no matter what you prefer. One of my favorite models is the Rabbit Pump, which has a shaft that “pumps” up and down. There are two different sensations the toy provides at the same time, and while it is hard to describe them, I am going to try. First, the shaft feels like it is sliding in and out of you as it pumps up and down. This is really fantastic, because it allows you to experience simulated intercourse while your clit is being buzzed by the rabbit ears. But the pumping also feels like a real guy inside of you pumping away. Whether you want to get pregnant or not, there is definitely something exciting about having a guy deep inside of you pumping his juice out, and this toy allows you to fulfill that fantasy with zero risk.

Rabbit vibrators are tremendously efficient, too. You can get off with one of them in less than five minutes. There have been times when I laid down to use my toy and was able to come almost before I got started. They do a great job stimulating every single part of your vagina that needs stimulation. Sadly, you can’t use the toy efficiently if you aren’t in the mood for intercourse, but let’s get real! What woman doesn’t own more than one type of vibrator? If you don’t own more than one, then make sure you hop over to ladygasm.com and see what they have available, as I heard they are running a never ending 10% off discount (this could just be a rumor, though. Who knows?)

These clit stimulators do a great job no matter what you are in the mood for. Some of these toys look like they were designed by rocket scientists. It can actually be quite intimidating seeing some of them when they are running. There are a few models that feature rotating pearls in the shaft beneath the silicone layer, and the Plus is a model that has a head that wiggles around. It feels really great, especially when it hits your g-spot. If you want an amazing experience then I definitely recommend you try out the Plus. It is one of my favorite vibrators.

Like I just said, you want to make sure that you own more than one toy. If you are going to by any other vibrators, then I recommend you get something like a hitachi wand to compliment the rabbit. When you use the rabbit, you are going to experience intercourse. If all you are in the mood for is clitoral stimulation, then you should stick with something like the Magic wand, which can also get you off quickly. Rabbit vibrators are popular, and you can place a secure and discreet order on ladygasm.com twenty four hours a day.