Qualities of the Best Vibrators

Sex toy manufacturers have produced hundreds of vibrators to cater to the eager buyer’s market for these versatile items. What are the best vibrators? This depends on the person who will use them, perhaps their partner, and the type of stimulation and sensations they enjoy.

The Best Vibrators: Basic Qualities

Essentially, all vibrators have motors which generate a rapid, even movement that is perceived as vibration by the nerve endings. When you apply a vibrator to the genital area and other parts of the body it can induce relaxation and induce sexual desire. When applied directly to the clitoris or other super-sensitive areas, it can produce a fast, intense orgasm. There are all kinds of vibrators, but what are the best vibrating toys in this sea of sex toys?

Some of the best adult toys for women who enjoy penetration and stimulation actually look like real penises, although some are of huge proportion that only “experts” should attempt to mount. Other penetrative vibrators look nothing like a dock except for the general shape, and are smooth or covered with a texture that increases pleasure.

The clit stimulators for stimulating the g-spot are curved at the top, so the woman can angle it to directly rub against her g-spot. This can produce intense, deep, and very distinct orgasms, which some women have never been able to experience during intercourse. The g-spot and the male prostate are very similar, so the best vibrators for men also include a prostate stimulating curve, so they resemble g-spot vibrators for women.

One of the best female sex toys for touching any place on the body are ball-topped vibrators that are often called “power tools” because they plug into the wall. The best-selling ball-top vibrator is the Hitachi Magic Wand, that was originally never intended as a sex toy!

If you want the best vibrators for easy clitoral stimulation, bullet vibrators are the best female sex toys to choose. They are usually a separate unit that is attached to a cord that leads to the motor and battery compartment, although some of the newest bullet vibes are remotely powered. These small vibrators can be mounted inside a larger device, such as a penetrative sex toy for the ass or vagina.

One of the newest clit stimulators are those that simulate oral sex. Wow, you say! Yes, this pleasure that normally requires a partner has been re-created in a vibrator. Some are tongue-shaped and move back and forth as well as up and down, simulating tongue motion. Others look like wheels, with a series of small “tongues” that rotate and caress the clitoris as the shaft is turned by the motor. Truly innovative!

Butterflies are pancake-shaped. They are not inserted, but rather pressed into the vulva and clitoris. They often include straps that wrap around the thighs to hold them in place. Butterfly vibrators are the best vibrating toys for women who want to share pleasure with their partner during intercourse. They aren’t inserted or rubbed against the clit, they lay atop the entire vulva and clitoris and generate pleasant vibrations that stimulate both partners during intercourse.

Purchasing a vibrator should be all about what kind of experience you want to have. Regardless of your intentions (solo or with a partner), the best adult toys are made of good, safe materials and, above all, get the job done!