Picking the Best Vibrators

What are the qualities of the best vibrators? That depends greatly on the person who wants to use them! Size and fit, material and quality, it all matters. What’s your particular poison? There are so many to choose from that many ladies find it difficult to make a decision. Here is a little guide in how to pick the best vibrating toys out of the pack.

Picking the Best Vibrators

You know what your body is like. Based on your previous sexual experiences, are you a size queen who loves a huge cock and needs that feeling of fullness to be fulfilled, or does size really not matter to you? Some women do not care about penetration, but others do. Think about your sexual history and the things about your past dalliances that really turned you on. Was it being masturbated by his fingers or other item? Was it his tongue? Was it his penis? Have you ever had a g-spot orgasm, and if not, do you want to know how? All of these questions are matters of size and fit, which is important in choosing the clit stimulators.

If you want the best vibrators for clit stimulation, choose one with variable speed settings, so you can dial your sensation level up or down. If you want discreet erotic pleasure, something like a lipstick vibrator is good, because it’s tiny, portable and powerful, and no one would ever know it’s not a tube of your favorite shade of fire-engine red!

If you want something to help share pleasure with your partner, a strap-on vibrator such as a rabbit, dolphin or butterfly-type would be the clit vibrator to choose. These can be nestled between your bodies and provide mutual stimulation to your clit and the base of his cock as well, taking your experience to new heights. The rabbit is especially neat, because it can not only make your clit hum, it can also stroke your g-spot while he pleasures you vaginally or anally. It’s amazing what a little bunny can do!

Another factor of the best vibrators is material. Do not choose a vibrator made of cheap jelly rubber unless you know exactly where it was manufactured and what it contains. Why? Because a lot of the more inexpensive sex toys were made in China and other Asian countries with no regulation regarding chemical usage. Jelly rubber is commonly treated using a compound known as a phthalate. Phthalates are known to cause illness in animals and in people that have direct skin contact with them over prolonged time. So, even though jelly rubber is soft and feels great, avoid it unless its pedigree is completely clean.

The recommended vibrators are made of materials such as silicone, non-porous plastic, and a new material called Cyber Skin. All three of these materials will not absorb substances like dirt, grease, dust, or bodily fluids. This is important because bacteria and viruses can linger on a surface for a limited amount of time, but if they are absorbed into the material, like is possible with items made of jelly rubber, the germs can begin breeding, becoming a possible source of serious health problems. A good rule of thumb is don’t share your sex toys, but if you do, use different condoms for each person, each time. Also, wash them well with the appropriate antibacterial cleanser afterward.