Opening up the anal sex toy market for the masses

Anal Toys for the Masses

As one leading sex store retailer recently put it ‘Girls and boys have discovered their bums in a big way.’ The anal sex toy is a real area for growth in the sex industry, and it’s opening up new experiences for so many people.

After centuries of guilt and taboo, anal pleasure toys and anal sex explorations is no longer something to be ashamed of, either for men or women. In fact it has become such a big market that the number of anal products made to delight and enjoy is growing all the time.

Some of the latest anal sex toy novelties

The Alumina Pace made by Tantus is a big black anal dong and rammer. This dildo is carefully designed to push past the sphincter and get straight to the point of exciting the anus for as long as you can take it. As its name suggests, all Alumina toys are made of anodized aluminium, and being aluminium when heated up prior to use it holds the heat for a long period, and therefore offers you a perfect fit with a great thrill of warmth within the anal passage.

Perhaps you prefer the simplicity of the G Force Rammer, which has a hand grip at the base which allows for great control if you want pull in and out of the anal cavity. This anal orgasm toy is made from silicone and is thin and long and length. The clever hand grip also stops you over inserting, and is much longer than the normal dildo.

When buying an anal sex toy the buyer needs to check out the products carefully online, and learn what they do and more importantly learn how to use them properly.
A site such as is a great place to start, as its designed specifically for female sex toys

Of course everyone has a different size anus, and absolutely one size or one product does not fit all. You may decide to develop your anus. This can be done by products like the Anal Developer, this has a circular expansion bulb. So once you have inserted the product and are feeling comfortable, then is the tome to use the hand pump that safety increases within the anal cavity. No sharp edges, no worry about getting it pass the anus muscle. And it comes with a quick release button. Imagine using that to train your anus, and to get that sexual thrill at the same time.

If you want to start with something impressive in size then how about the Black Anal Plus which offers 12” of anal sex toy cock shaped dildo. At the base there is a great hand grip, that allows the user to thrust in and out without any worry of the product being lost in the excitement.

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