Which of my two toys are my best vibrators?

I love a good article about the best vibrators that a girl can purchase, but it’s not too often that you have a real woman telling you exactly what she loves about her toy. A lot of times you can tell that the article is written by a man who is just pretending to be a woman. Even worse is when they try to use fancy words to make the product sound like it is some magical wand that a wizard created just to get you off. I wish they would just save the marketing crap and give us the opinion of real women when they try to sell us these toys.

In this article you will learn:

1. How I chose my best sex toys
2. Why you should purchase these recommended vibrators
3. Why you might not think they are the some of the top sex toys

Okay, here is a disclaimer: you and I are different, and you might not really like the same things that I do. With that being said, we both have vaginas, and as different as they can be, they are pretty much all the same. The toys that I like the best don’t require you to use a lot of pressure, but you can if you want to. They also don’t involve any ass play, so it doesn’t matter if you are into that or not.

So what is my favorite toy? Well, it’s actually a tie. I wish I could tell you that I like one more than the other, but it’s really tough to make that call. I go to a different toy on different nights depending on the mood I am in. Okay! Without further ado, here are my favorite toys.

The Orgasm Accelerator is designed to provide g-spot stimulation while also providing vibrations for your clitoris. This toy has a long curved shaft that you insert into your vagina, and the tip curves up even more to allow you to stimulate the g-spot.

It has a little bump on it that vibrates, and then the handle curves up to rest on your pubic mound. At the base of the handle is a dial that you can use to turn the speed and intensity of the vibration up and down. You simply lay back, lube up, slip it in, and get to work. You hold the toy in place with one hand while you control the dial with the other. It is called the Orgasm Accelerator because you can use it to cum in record time.

My other favorite toy is the Ladygasm Brian. Now, back when I was in college I had a boyfriend named Brian, and he was one of the best fucks I ever had. I have had a thing for guys named Brian ever since then. When I found this toy I was shocked. They molded it from a guy using a technique that was developed in Hollywood for creating prosthetics. They captured every detail of this guy’s rod, and I have to say that it looks and feels real. I love the feeling of having a nice big dick inside of me, and being able to fantasize that it is my favorite old boyfriend just makes it even better. Of course, if your ex isn’t named Brian, you can rename the toy to whatever you choose.

Again, my body is my own, and I might like different things than you do. But I am pretty sure that if you gave either of these toys a chance you would agree that they are the best vibrators out there.